The Zoid Directory

    The Zoids Directory is a vastly incomplete WIP. We add data as we come across it. So, if you notice something obvious missing (for example, the Liger Zero not mentioning an anime appearance) it is because we just haven't covered that media yet, not because we're not aware of it.

    The base Zoid (Ex: Liger Zero) will list all variations (Panzer, Schneider, etc.) However, the variation pages (Konig Wolf DSR) will mention only variations of that exact same armor and weapon configuration (MK-II and not the standard Konig Wolf.)

List by Types

By Species:
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Alphabetical List

This section is severely incomplete. The list is only updated as I organize content.


    Assault Wolf
    Bamboolian Star
    Bear Fighter
    Bear Fighter
    Berserk Fuhrer
    Berserk Furher QE
    Berserk Furher SE
    Berserk Furher Y
    Berserk Furher Zenebas
    Berserk Seismo
    Bio Megaraptor
    Bio Raptor
    Bio Raptor Commander
    Bio Tyranno
    Bio Volcano
    Black Rhimos
    Blade Liger
    Blade Liger AB
    Blade Liger AF&NF
    Blade Liger BI
    Blade Liger BS
    Blade Liger KS
    Blade Liger Kanon Mirage
    Blade Liger Leon
    Blade Liger MK-II
    Blade Liger Mirage
    Blitz Tiger
    Bloody Demon
    Blue Geno Saurer
    Brachios Old
    Brastle Tiger
    Brastle Tiger (Genesis)
    Buster Furher
    Buster Tortoise
    Cannon Tortoise
    Cannon Tortoise AT
    Cannon Tortoise BC
    Cannon Tortoise OS
    Cannon Tortoise Old
    Cannory Molga
    Climber Wolf
    Command Wolf
    Command Wolf AC
    Command Wolf AU
    Command Wolf CZ
    Command Wolf EM
    Command Wolf HT
    Command Wolf Interceptor
    Command Wolf IS
    Command Wolf LC
    Command Wolf NEW
    Command Wolf RGC
    Command Wolf SM
    Command Wolf Town
    Dark Horn
    Dark Horn HS
    Dark Horn WB
    Dark Poison
    Dark Spiner
    Dark Spiner DCS
    Dark Spiner Zerstoerer
    Dead Border
    Deadly Kong
    Death Meteor
    Death Saurer
    Death Saurer VF
    Death Stinger
    Death Stinger KFD
    Death Stinger OS
    Death Stinger ZS
    Demons Head
    Desert Liger
    Diablo Tiger ALPHA
    Diablo Tiger BETA
    Double Sworder
    Elephander AG
    Elephander CM
    Elephander SC
    Energy Falcon
    Energy Liger
    Energy Liger PS
    Energy Ray Liger
    Feuer Wolf
    Fire Fox
    Gairyuki (Black)
    Gairyuki Destroyer
    Gairyuki Speed
    Genius Wolf
    Geno Breaker
    Geno Breaker Jet A
    Geno Breaker Jet B
    Geno Breaker R
    Geno Breaker RS
    Geno Flame
    Geno Hydra
    Geno Hydra KA
    Geno Hydra VF
    Geno Ritter
    Geno Saurer
    Geno Saurer BS
    Geno Saurer Holotech
    Geno Saurer R
    Geno Saurer RS
    Geno Saurer RT
    Geno Scissors
    Geno Trooper
    Gojulas FT
    Gojulas GS
    Gojulas Giga
    Gojulas Giga Prototype
    Gojulas Gunner
    Gojulas IS
    Gojulas MK-II
    Gojulas Mariner (Type A)
    Gojulas Mariner No. 18
    Gojulas the Ogre
    Gordos LR Pteras
    Gravity Bison
    Gravity Saix
    Gravity Saurer
    Gravity Wolf
    Great Saber
    Green Horn
    Gul Tiger
    Gun Sniper
    Gun Sniper LS
    Gun Sniper NS
    Gun Sniper WW
    Guysak SS

    HA Godos
    HA Guysak
    Hammer Head
    Hammer Head VL
    Hammer Kaiser
    Hammer Rock
    Hayate Liger
    Helcat Noir
    Heldigunner DT
    Hound Soldier
    Hound Soldier (Generations)
    Hound Soldier (Genesis)
    Ice Blazer
    Infinity Leo
    Iron Kong
    Iron Kong MK-II
    Iron Kong PK
    Iron Kong SS
    Iron Kong Yeti
    Jagd Geno
    Jagd Furher
    Jagd Stinger
    Jet Rayse Tiger
    Killer Dome Zerstoerer
    King Liger
    Konig Wolf
    Konig Wolf DSR
    Konig Wolf HA
    Konig Wolf MK-II
    Konig Wolf Prototype
    Lance Stag
    Lance Stag Break
    Liger Aero
    Liger Blue
    Liger Red Hiou
    Liger Zero
    Liger Zero Caesar "The King"
    Liger Zero EM
    Liger Zero Falcon
    Liger Zero Falcon (Generations)
    Liger Zero Jager
    Liger Zero Midnight Shield
    Liger Zero (Naked)
    Liger Zero Panzer
    Liger Zero Panzer (Arctic Combat)
    Liger Zero Panzer (Prototype)
    Liger Zero Phoenix
    Liger Zero S
    Liger Zero Schneider
    Liger Zero X
    Liger Zero X Donner
    Lightning Saix
    Lightning Saix AS
    Lightning Saix BS
    Lightning Saix TS
    Mega Saurer
    Megaraptor Prototype
    Metal Rhimos
    Midnight Blue Command Wolf
    Miko Liger
    Mirage Fox A-Type
    Mirage Fox B-Type
    Molga Rokurou
    Mugen Liger
    Murasame Liger
    Murasame Liger (Holotech)
    Murasame Liger LTD Clear
    Murasame Liger TRU

    Night Wise
    Proto Breaker
    Proto Zaber
    Psycho Genosaurer
    Pteras Bomber
    Pteras Radome
    Raven Raptor
    Rayse Tiger
    Rayse Tiger AS
    Red Horn
    Red Horn BG
    Rev Hunter
    Rev Raptor
    Rev Raptor PB
    Rev Raptor WPB
    Rez Tiger
    Rez Wolf
    Sea Striker
    Sea Striker PKB
    Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox CDT
    Shadow Fox S
    Shield Liger
    Shield Liger (Souga)
    Shield Liger BLOX
    Shield Liger BS
    Shield Liger DCS
    Shield Liger DCS-J
    Shield Liger LM A
    Shield Liger LM B
    Shield Liger MK-II
    Shinobi Liger
    Snipe Master
    Snipe Master AS
    Snipe Master BU
    Snipe Master FB
    Snipe Master MU
    Snipe Master Red
    Soul Tiger
    Soul Tiger Boost
    Spark Liger
    Stealth Dragon
    Stealth Viper
    Sturm Furher
    Sturm Furher Espada de Plata
    Sturm Tyrann
    Super Genosaurer
    Ultimate Seismo
    Ultra Phalanx
    Whitz Tiger
    Whitz Tiger Imitate
    Whitz Wolf
    Whitz Wolf (Red)
    Whitz Wolf Imitate
    Zaber Fang
    Zaber Fang (Cerberus)
    Zaber Fang (Holotech)
    Zaber Fang (Rudolph Special)
    Zaber Fang AT
    Zaber Fang AT-G
    Zaber Fang AT-S
    Zaber Fang FT
    Zaber Fang GS
    Zaber Fang Old
    Zaber Fang RS
    Zaber Fang SS
    Zaber Fang TS
    Zeke Dober