- Berserk Führer QE

Registration Number ???
Name: Berserk Führer Quadra Edge
    - Führer is german for leader
    - Quadra means four
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Zoids Chaotic Century Manga EX
Weapons: Equipment:
    ??     ??

- Introduction

    The Berserk Fürher Quadra Edge was featured primarily and briefly in the Zoids EX manga, an online continuation by the manga's original artist, Ueyama.

    This Zoid was based on the Berserk Fürher Shadow Edge, which was designed to function primarily with Shadow. After Shadow's loyalty to the team was compromised the Shadow Edge suffered a loss in power without the organoid. The Quadra Edge compensated for that loss of power by lowering the number of blade weapons to four.

    In spite of this change the Zoid's lighter frame makes it more agile than the original, so their strengths in battle are comparable.

- Media Appearances

    Comic: Zoids EX Volume 3
    Comic: Zoids EX Volume 4