- König Wolf

Registration Number RZ-053
Name: König Wolf (German: 'King' Wolf)
Japanese: ケーニッヒウルフ
Height: 8.64 m
Length: 21.24 m
Weight: 90.5 t
Speed: 290 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Electron Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    Electron Strike Claws x4 (Paws)
    Headgear x1 (Head)
        - (Night vision camera)
        - (Dual scope for precision fire)
    Double-barreled Multi-discharger x2 (Back)
    Cooling Fan (Not listed in official stat lists)

- König Wolf Introduction

    The König Wolf is a wolf-type Zoid with power and mobility equal to that of the Liger Zero. Its original development was hurried in order to defend the Republic's Mad Thunder from a raid of Liger Zero X units. That made it very important that the Zoid perform well, but overheating has been known to be an issue.

- Details of Design

- Wild Zoid Base

    The König Wolf is one of several Zoids based on distinctive wild units. While wolves were already known to the area it was decided to import wild wolves from the Western Continent, since they were known to be larger than those on the Central Continent. Like many wild species they are known for their violent nature.

- Overheating Issues

    Original development of the König Wolf was rushed to put it on the battle field. The Republican Army decided to borrow structural aspects of the Command Wolf while also recycling its combat data for the König Wolf. Unfortunately this conflicted with the Zoid Core that they used from the Western Continental giant wolf species. The body was too small and the core generated an excess of energy. When the combat system couldn't find ways to use this energy it resulted in overheating within the wolf's body and could cause it to roll into a system freeze. A cooling fan was installed to fight these effects but was unable to eliminate them completely.

- Dual Sniper Rifle

    When most Zoids equip a weapon it automatically changes their variation. This is not always the case with the König Wolf. With only the Dual Sniper Rifle equipped, and not the missile pods, it is still referred to as the König Wolf. It is never (in this instance) upgraded to the DSR or Assault König title. Even in the Zoid Saga games, when the missiles appear invisible under the DSR Shop variation this is only because they're in an additional weapons slot (which is also why Shadow Fox's Laser Vulcan Gun doesn't show.) There is no official name for this variation.

- Equipment Information

- Electron Bite Fangs

Electron Bite Fangs:

    Referred to as the Wolf's certain kill technique. This attack draws all electromagnetic energy from the fuselage and focuses it into the teeth right before a bite. This destructive burst of power is noted in multiple medias to be capable of shutting down or destroying a Zoid that they land on. Because of the amount of power and electrical energy moving through the fangs it is also possible that it could stop moving after the attack, so the technique must be used sparingly.

- Electron Claw

Electron Claw:

    Unlike the fangs this attack seems to be treated like the Strike Laser Claw, in that the energy coating it dramatically improves upon the cutting power of the claws. There is no notable surge of electrical energy like there is with the fangs but the technique still remains powerful. When used it still causes decent damage, like many energy-based feral weapons.

- Headgear


    A large helmet that provides night vision cameras and a dual precision scope for more accurate firing. Aside from that the large piece of metal fitted over the head dramatically increases the integrity of the cockpit, providing a much stronger defense against cockpit shots. The design originally called for the face armor to slide forward at the same time as use. This feature was cut in the final version of the Zoid.

Double-barreled Multi Discharger

Double-barreled Multi Discharger:

    Two barrels on the Zoid's back, often mistaken for weapons. These dischargers have a steam output instead of smoke, coming from the top barrel. In some medias they are also converted into acting as boosters for the Zoid, most frequently in games.

Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan:

    The Konig Wolf's cooling fan isn't listed in its official stats but does come up repeatedly during discussion. It was placed on the back because the Zoid's core generated too much power for the frame that it was put in. This was a result of using a combat system from the Command Wolf, which simply wasn't up to par with the Zoid itself. The end result was severe overheating which had to be addressed.

    In multiple medias the cooling fan also acts to provide a substantial power increase, which often translates to greater speed. It is also used in combination with the Electron Bite Fangs.

- Concept Art

- Merchandise

Model Kits



Assorted Merchandise


    Unfeatured Merchandise
        Zoids 2 (Playstation 2) Black Chrome König Wolf
        Zoids Gashapon König Wolf

- Featured In Media

Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest

    König Wolf was featured in Zoids: Galaxy Quest Planet Zi! He was piloted by the main character 'Kugo' who refers to him only as König. This Zoid was particularly wild, believed to have run away from humans and later gone insane after the power built up from his core became too much to handle. In spite of its insanity König was believed to be the strongest Zoid in the territory at the time of its capture.

Zoids Web Comics

In the original Zoids Web Comics the König Wolf is piloted by a kid named Bucks. It is once again featured as a primary character and fights against Maya and the Liger Zero X. In this series the Zoid is later upgraded into the Assault Wolf variation, which features both the CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle and the CP-23 5-Shot Missile Box.

Zoids Saga

Konig Wolf appears in all of the Zoids Saga games and in the end become relevant characters to the story line, being piloted by Prince Athle's 3 guards. The Zoids themselves are not distinguished much as characters.

Secondary Media Features

    Magazine Media: Zoids Graphics

    Game Media: Zoids Infinity
    Game Media: Zoids VS. I
    Game Media: Zoids VS. II (Zoids Battle Legends)
    Game Media: Zoids Vs. III

- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

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