- Ballooncampus

Registration Number ???
Name: Ballooncampus
Japanese: バローンカンポス
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Card Game/i>
Weapons: Equipment:
    ??     ??

- Ballooncampus Introduction

    The Ballooncampus is an Imperial Transport Unit, with a default red and purple color scheme. It was seen in the Smack! Zoids concept art of the Dengeki Hobby Magazine, and later in a very limited appearance in the Zoids Battle Card Game Volume 6 (Imperial Faction.)

    Unlike other transport units it can be estimated that the Ballooncampus is an absolute terror in terms of weaponry. It is uncomfirmed how much of its equipment actually is gun muzzles, but there appears to be quite a few.

    In terms of capacity the Ballooncampus is seen capable of storing plenty of large scale Zoids such as Storm Sworders and Redlers. No views of the interior are seen to show just how many are stored inside. The main launching hatch is built into the most elongated part of the belly.

Weaponry Notes:

    No weapons are seen actually being used by the Ballooncampus. There are a number of gun-muzzle looking armor sections all over the Zoid, though, including two on each side of the face, two on the upper side sections of the hatch, two at the sides of the hatch, and two below the hatch. There are also two panels on the belly behind the purple section of the hatch that open up to reveal what look like three additional gun muzzles in each side.

    There are also visibly two booster-looking sections right at the base of the tail, on the back.