- Powered Wolf

Registration Number: ???
Name: Powered Wolf
Japanese: パワードウルフ
Rollout: ???
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Smack Zoids
Weapons: Equipment:
Weapon names are not official
    * Approximated from Command Wolf

    3-Shot Missile Launcher (Tail)
    Blade Swords (Back)
    Laser Cannons (Blade Swords)
    Electron Bite Fang (Mouth)
Equipment names are not official
    * Approximated from Command Wolf

    Smoke Discharger x2

- Powered Wolf Introduction

    Powered Wolf appeared in Smack Zoids! B-Part, in the January issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, 2002. It featured a radically updated Command Wolf, almost becoming a mish mash of different canid Zoids.

- History

    Powered Wolf improved upon the design of the conceptual Command Wolf MK-II. The plan was to have stronger weaponry — Including large blade swords. Unfortunately its focus on melee abilities meant a limited practicality. Like the others, it never saw mass production. Its development would later result in the Atrocious Wolf.

- Featured in Media

    Smack Zoids! B-Part (Dengeki Hobby Magazine, January 2002)