- Quad Liger

Registration Number ZMF-002
Name: Quad Liger
Japanese: クァッドライガー
Height: ---
Length: ---
Weight: ---
Speed: ---
* Stat Information: Based on the Zoids Web Comic
Weapons: Equipment:
    ---     ---

- Quad Liger Introduction

    The Quad Liger comes from the Delusional Files, a special promotional flash file located on the old Zoids Webcomic site in the early 2000s. It was two out of two files (the first being a Gojulas) and sported a beautiful CGI profile made by Kadoo of Elektrogigante. Viewing this file would bring up a flash window where you could scroll through the Zoid's history, check out different CGI views of it, etc.

- Name History

    The Quad Liger was originally going to be named the Toroidal Main, based on the geometry concept of a toroidal polyhedron. When you look at these geometric shapes it's interesting to draw a comparison between them and the Quad Liger's armor design.

    Initially the creator was wary of sailing the Zoid under the "Liger" flag, but ultimately "Liger" was a lot more familiar. They went with the term "Quad" Liger to imply it being the fourth Liger Type, following Liger Zero (0), Shield Liger (1), Blade Liger (2), and Trinity Liger (3).

- Details of Design

- Clustered Heterogenous Zoid Cores

    The Quad Liger was an image of what scientists wished to achieve with Zoids following the Dark Continent War. For years, Zoid evolution had coincided with the arms race, multiplexing current technology to advance their outer bodies. The Core, however, which was a natural object remained the SPOF (Single Point of Failure) in every Zoid's design.

    Inspiration for how the core would function came from BLOX Zoids, which were being developed at the same time. The technology behind them, or at least the idea of it, was amazing. Syncing up multiple Zoid Cores to act as one coherent core. This act of clustering Zoid Cores provided each core a fault tolerance. If one core failed, the other core could take over and maintain normal combat function. The Zoid Core, if collected in this manner, would no longer be the SPOF that had plagued Zoids since the dawn of their integration with human technology.

- SMES Functionality

    Quad Liger took an unusual design direction when it incorporated six full sized caps on the back of its head. This design choice was based on the prospect of caps themselves serving as SMES devices (superconductive magnetic energy storage.) After all, Zoids are very large machines and it takes a lot of power to move each joint forward. This implied that the caps themselves would generate enormous amounts of energy when in use, and this trait was carried over to the back of the Quad Liger's mane. The caps would serve to generate an energy surplus for the Plasma Discharger.

- Equipment Information

    While the Quad Liger is noted to have a high powered Plasma Discharger, which demands a large amount of energy, the actual stats of the Zoid are at present unknown. We've been unable to locate images that list actual stats, and with a lot of fan made stats out there, we've opted not to include equipment information for this Zoid.

- Concept Art

    The Quad Liger's design came about from a collaberation between Kadoo and Shin Ohba, one of the company's employees. Their goal was to create a Zoid that wasn't like anything the franchise had seen before. Kadoo was given a sketch to work with for inspiration, and this would later become the Quad Liger.

- Merchandise


    * There was a note by the artist that it was a frustrating choice to include eye paint for the Quad Liger gachapon. The Zoid's design is, after all, rather ambiguous when it comes to the location of the eyes. Nevertheless, the inclusion of the paint makes it easier to understand.

- Featured In Media

Zoids Delusional File

    The Quad Liger's only notable media appearance is in the Zoids Delusional Files, which were flash files hosted on the Zoids Web Comic site back in the early 2000s. The file included a brief backstory about scientists searching for a solution to Zoid Core failure being the absolute end during battle. There were a few images, but most of them have been lost to time with the closure of the website.

- Secondary Media Features

    Advertisement Media: Gachapon Machine Cover