- Wild Liger

Registration Number ZW01
Name: Wild Liger
Japanese: ワイルドライガー
Height: 4.5 m
Length: 8.4 m
Weight: 48.0 t
Speed: 205 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on the model kits.
Weapons: Equipment:
    Claws (Feet)
    Fangs (Mouth)
    Mane Claws (Back)
    Roar Cannon (Mouth)
    Tail (Tail)
    Radiator Fins (Legs)

- Wild Liger Introduction

    The Wild Liger is a legendary species of Zoid, said to be the King of Zoids. Only a single individual has been noted (of the base species, within the lore) but it has proven to be a fierce and aggressive Zoid, rumored of taking down nearly 100 enemies on its own.

- History

    As there's only a single noted individual of the species, we'll be focusing on that.

    The Wild Liger was first captured by Death Metal, although its origins are unknown. Supposedly it wasn't excavated, as there's no notation about its excavation site, etc. which is available for all other Death Metal Zoids. Here it underwent a lot of torture in attempt to break the Zoid and make it submissive to Death Metal commands.

    Finally the Liger had enough, and lashed out at the soldiers around it. It's rumored to have destroyed nearly 100 Zoids on its escape, and ultimately ended up in the forest around Inaka Village. Here it traveled, badly injured from its escape, until it met Arashi. Though the Wild Liger was distrustful, and even attacked him at first, it started to realize his kind intentions when he attacked members of Death Metal to defend it.

    The Liger had otherwise had nothing but negative experiences with humans, and though it was slow to trust Arashi, it chose him as a partner. With this bond the Wild Liger was able to activate its Wild Blast and defeat the soldiers that were attacking them.

    Since then it has continued to travel with Arashi.

- Equipment Information

- Claws


    Wild Liger's primary weapon is the standard claws. While the Wild Blast harbors more power, of course, it's not exactly feasible to use it every second of every battle. So the Liger falls back on its feral weaponry for support. The claws are wide and articulated, with hooks at the end. This is useful for both combat and climbing, as illustrated in the manga when the Wild Liger successfully clings to the side of a cliff and manages to leap out.

- Fangs


    Although not the Wild Liger's first weapon of choice, the fangs are large and sharp, even for a Liger type Zoid. They're also fairly wide, from front to pack. Most often, these are used for grappling in combat; biting onto an enemy and either hurling them away or attacking with the claws.

- Mane Claws

Mane Claws: Used for the Wild Blast!

    The Wild Liger's most powerful weapon. The Mane Claws are typically stationed over the back and only used when the Wild Liger activates its special technique, the "King of Claw!" At this point the blades snap into a forward facing position and the Liger makes a powerful lunge towards the enemy, slicing them with the blades on the way by.

- Radiator Fins

Radiator Fins:

    Attached to all four legs of the Wild Liger. The Radiator Fins aren't really explored in the series for actual functional use, but we can assume by the name that their purpose is to act as a cooling system for the Liger. Circulating coolant during times of high stress or in overheating conditions.

    Unlike Liger Zoids of earlier designs, the Radiator Fins do not extend to the side. At least as far as the model kit is concerned. Perhaps they'll use further use in the series.

- Roar Cannon

Roar Cannon:

    The Roar Cannon is a vague weapon at best. It's apparent that the Liger has a barrel in its mouth, but it doesn't see stated use. There's an instance of the Wild Liger throwing its head back in a roar, emmitting what appears to be some sort of waves. During this instance, all enemy Zoids are stunned by the 'attack' but the attack isn't specified to be the Roar Cannon.

    This same effect has been seen in other Zoids who aren't specifically stated to possess a Roar Cannon (such as the Grachiosaurus.) It could simply be a matter of startling enemy Zoids with a nice, boomy battle cry.

- Tail


    Wild Liger's tail has what appears to be a blade at the end, and we've seen Zoids sharing the feline body type using their short tails to smack around enemies. It's worth noting however that the Zoids Wild Zoids list 'features' on the back of the box instead of specifically equipment. This can include redundant items such as 'large chest' or 'rider.' So it could be more of a feature than an "official" weapon.

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- Featured In Media

Zoids Wild (Anime)

    The Wild Liger is the main character Zoid of the Zoids Wild Anime. It's treated as an individual, and the only recorded individual so far in the series. This adaption of the Wild Liger takes a more dynamic turn in which the Wild Liger has trouble trusting Arashi because of him being afraid to stick with it in battle. Though these problems resolve, the Wild Liger continues to be fairly careless about its pilot throughout the series.

Zoids Wild (Manga)

    While the Wild Liger also appears in the Zoids Wild manga, it's a little more stoic. It serves as the main character Zoid, of course, but the conflict about trust just doesn't happen. The Zoid is fairly loyal to Arashi, and doesn't act out as much as it does in the anime. It is, however, still quite fierce, and ready to fight any battle regardless of the odds. It still has a spark of rage when it comes to the Fang Tiger, even though they didn't distinctly battle / train in the beginning of the manga.

- Secondary Media Features

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