- Gojulas

Registration Number: RZ-001 (Dinosaur Type)
Name: Gojulas
Japanese: ゴジュラス
Rollout: ZAC 2030
Height: 26.0 m
Length: 21.0 m
Weight: 230.0 t
Speed: 75 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    70mm 2-Barrel Heavy Machine Gun x2 (Belly)
    AMD 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Cannon x2(Tail)
    ARZ 20mm Beam Gun (Left Arm)
    Crusher Claw x2 (Hands)
    Hyper Bite Fang (Jaws)
    Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2 (Tail)
    Panova 20mm Surface-to-Air Beam Cannon x2 (Tail)
    TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun (Right Arm)

- Gojulas Introduction

    Gojulas stands as one of the Republic's most powerful Zoids, and at the time of its original deployment it was borderline invincible. Even in ZAC 2099, it was considered the strongest combat Zoid among all existing military units. It wasn't until the Empire developed the Iron Kong that the Gojulas began to see more competition.

- Details of Design

The Addition of Cannons

    Initially, the Gojulas was a purely melee unit, with fierce weapons that could dismember enemies with ease. However, it was an incredibly slow Zoid, with terrible maneuver ability. This slow speed could be further limited by the presence of small scale enemy units, who often got in the way. When the Gojulas was first rolled out onto the battlefield it was mockingly referred to as the "blockheaded mech" by friends and foe alike. After a while, the Republic considered converting the Gojulas into a working class Zoid, but that role just wasn't suitable for something so huge.

    Its fierce reputation developed with the addition of firearms. As larger Zoids continued to develop the Republic was prompted to improve on their original design. They renovated the Gojulas with a number of different firearms, and eventually created the new MK-II spec. It was a new version dedicated to long range combat.

- Concept Art

- Military History

ZAC 2056

    Following the meteor strike, many of the huge combat Zoids became extinct. The Gojulas was one of few that was able to survive, with several dozen units still deployed in combat around ZAC 2099.

ZAC 2099, August

    The Gojulas was used in the Republican Army in their bid for Mercurius lake, but it was an ill fated endeavor. The Empire had three times the number of combat Zoids, and even the mighty Gojulas was overwhelmed in the fight. The battle was lost within a week, due to the sheer volume of Zoids piling onto the fight.

- Equipment Information

- 70mm 2 Barrel Heavy Machine Guns x2

70mm 2 Barrel Heavy Machine Guns x2: 70mm2連装ヘビーマシンガン×2

    These heavy machine guns are attached to the sides of Gojulas' belly. They provide vital support fire against ground units, keeping them at bay from attacking the Gojulas' legs. Both are automatic machine guns with a high rate of fire. They're also one of the largest weapons on the original Gojulas, before it was upgraded to the MK-II type.

- AMD 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon x2

AMD 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon x2: AMD30mm2連装ビーム砲

    A gun stationed on the top of the Gojulas' tail tip. It fires two simultaneous shots from the barrels, and can rotate left and right, creating a huge range of fire. The stats list this weapon as a x2, but this seems to be an error. There's only ever one gun featured on the top of the tail.

- ARZ 20mm Beam Gun

ARZ 20mm Beam Gun: ARZ20mmビームガン

    A small beam gun, attached to the left arm of the Gojulas. It can rotate up and down, and provides additional support fire. The gun on each arm is different.

- Crusher Claw x2

Crusher Claw x2: クラッシャークロー×2

    Gojulas' two hands. In spite of popular jokes about the piddly arms of the T-Rex, the Gojulas' arms are quite powerful. They're more than enough to handle a small scale Zoid, and are depicted crushing a Molga in the battle story. They were one of the Gojulas' primary weapons when it was first deployed on the battle field, before firearms were added.

- Hyper Bite Fang

Hyper Bite Fang: ハイパーバイトファング

    Claws aren't the only weapon on the first deployment Gojulas. The powerful jaws were also capable of dispatching Zoids. The only problem, potentially, is the ability to reach down and actually grap them. Surely they could be used against enemies grasped in its claws, though.

- Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2

Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2: マクサー30mm多用途マシンガン×2

    These two guns are attached to the sides of the Gojulas' tail. As their name implies, they're machine guns with a high rate of fire. Like the Beam Cannon they benefit from the tail's range of motion, and can further swivel up and down. This allows them to target both ground and air units.

- Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Cannon x2

Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Cannon x2: パノーバー20mm地対空ビーム砲×2

    These round weapons are placed near the base of the tail, on the sides. They're dedicated Anti-Air guns, firing energy shots at incoming units. The attachment allows them to rotate up and down, covering a wide distance.

- TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun

TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun: TRZ20mmリニアレーザーガン

    As mentioned earlier, the weapons on the arms are different for each side. In this case, the gun on the right arm is a basic linear laser gun, providing support fire for the Gojulas. Particularly dangerous to enemies that it might have grasped in its claws.

- Merchandise

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- Notable Variations

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