- Wild Liger Guren Ver.

Registration Number ZW01G
Name: Wild Liger Guren Ver. (Japanese: Crimson Ver.)
Japanese: 覚醒ワイルドライガー
Height: 4.5 m
Length: 8.4 m
Weight: 48.0 t
Speed: 246 km/h (+41)
* Stat Information: Based on the model kits.
Weapons: Equipment:
    Fangs (Mouth)
    Gold Color Leg Claw (Feet)
    Mane Claws (Back)
    Roar Cannon (Mouth)
    Tail (Tail)
    Radiator Fins (Legs)

- Wild Liger Guren Introduction

    The Wild Liger Guren is a limited Wild Kit featuring red translucent parts in place of the blue.

- Model Kit History History

    The Wild Liger Guren Ver. was first made available in the October 2018 issue of CoroCoro Comic, where users could send in silver peels, filled out in the correct order for a chance to win one of 100 kits. These kits came with a standard Awakened Wild Liger and a baggy containing the Guren armor.

    This version sold for up to $1200 before it was announced that the liger would see a rerelease, at the 2019 World Hobby Fair. At the event it was available for direct sale, at 3,240 yen. This version came with its own grayscale box, designating it as ZW01G. The Wild Liger parts that it was packaged with were the standard Wild Liger (aside from the red motor box), differentiating it (slightly) from the Awakened CoroCoro limited. Owners of both versions have testified that the parts are the same color, so the parts can be swapped with an Awakened Wild Liger to create that authentic CoroCoro look.

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