- Brastle Tiger

Registration Number: EZ-076
Name: Brastle Tiger
Japanese: ブラストルタイガー
Rollout: Roughly ZAC 2230
Height: 7.7 m
Length: 18.4 m
Weight: 91.0 t
Speed: 300.0 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    2-Barrel Thermic Laser Gun x4 (Upper Back)
    AZ 208mm Shock Cannon x10 (Shoulders)
    AZ Hyper Shock Cannon x3 (Chest)
    Small Caliber Gatling Beam Gun x4 (Thighs)
    Thermic Beam Gun x2 (Sides)
    Thermic Killer Saber x2 (Fangs)
    Thermic Strike Claw x4 (Paws)
    Cuff Heat Sink x4 (Backs of Legs)
    Tail Heat Sink x6 (Tail)

- Brastle Tiger Introduction

    The Brastle Tiger is one of three ancient tiger-type Zoids that appeared in the later parts of the Battle Story. In particular, the Fan Book EX. It is one of the most heavily shielded Zoids in the franchise, with almost every weapon (of which there are many) tucked safely beneath its dense armor. Unfortunately the story surrounding the Brastle Tiger is quite short, so there's very little information on the Zoid's capabilities.

- History

- Legend of the 3 Tigers

    Legends secretly passed down through the ranks of Zi-Fighters as they hunted the land for more powerful equipment. There was one particular story of three ancient tiger-type Zoids, Azure, Crimson, and White. Rumored to possess unique cores, it was said that whoever possessed all three would unlock an invincible power. Although the origins of these cores would remain a mystery, Zi-Arms would later uncover the secret to controlling the three ancient cores, and inevitably create their own tiger, the crimson Brastle Tiger.

- The Fight With Azure

    Once the three cores had been discovered, Zoitec was the first to finish analysing them. Realizing this, Zi-ARMS kidnapped ZOITEC's president, hoping to steal their secrets. In response ZOITEC activated the second legendary core, the Rayse Tiger, and sent the Azure tiger to retrieve the president. Only, once it arrived it was met by the Brastle Tiger. A Zoid that had already finished development based on the analysis carried out earlier.

    The two tigers clashed but their strength was equal. Neither would give ground to the other. Their ferocity surpassed the latest technology, and their overwhelming power began to overheat the cores and melt the control systems of the two Zoids. The tigers were melting from the inside out, and eventually it began to affect their ability to move.

- The Fall of the 3 Tigers

    It was at this unfortunate moment that Zi-ARMS released their ultimate Zoid, the Mega Death Saurer. If it could capture the three ancient tigers, who were all severely damaged, the cores could be integrated into its own body and permit the Mega Death Saurer to fire its Charged Particle Cannon endlessly. Not only that, but with their overwhelming strength, it would finally surpass the countermeasures born from earlier wars. Machines like the Gojulas Giga and the massive Mad Thunder would finally be crushed.

    Without warning, as it approached the Rayse Tiger, the Mega Death Saurer was bombarded by its own ally, the Brastle Tiger. With the Whitz Tiger recently arriving to join the fight, the three tigers were now in close proximity to one another. Their cores resonated, and the three big cats turned against this new, horrifying threat. The fierce battle waged 10,000 metres above the ground, atop a Whale King, until the Mega Death Saurer was overwhelmed by the legendary tigers. With its final breath, it fired the particle cannon through the Whale King, and all four Zoids plummeted to the ground. After that, the three tigers disappeared into the darkness of legend once again.

- Equipment Information

- 2-Barrel Thermic Laser Gun x4

2-Barrel Thermic Laser Gun x4 2連装サーミックレーザーガン×4

    It's worth noting that unlike many earlier Zoids, there's woefully little media regarding the Brastle Tiger, so its equipment can only be best guess. However, we'll describe what we can, starting with the Thermic Lasers here. These four panels are on the back, and can flip up. Once bristled, the two-barreled guns are capable of firing a total of 8 shots simultaneously.

- AZ 208mm Shock Cannon x10

AZ 208mm Shock Cannon x10 AZ208mmショックカノン×10

    Equipped to the front legs. These large cannons are typically protected by the Brastle Tiger's thick armor. With two different panels, it's theoretically possible to alternate how many barrels are fired at once. With three barrels on top, and two on the front, the weapon is capable of firing a total of 10 shots at once.

- AZ Hyper Shock Cannon x3

AZ Hyper Shock Cannon x3 AZハイパー3連衝撃砲

    A three-barreled cannon equipped to the chest. There's insufficient data on whether it's shelling or energy based.

- Cuff Heat Sink x4

Cuff Heat Sink x4 カーフヒートシンク×4

    These panels are equipped to the back of each leg. When the Zoid is under risk of overheating (especially following use of the Thermic Burst) these cuffs can be dropped to the ground. This displaces heat from the body, allowing it to dissipate into the air so that the Zoid can manage overheating risk.

- Small Caliber Gatling Beam Gun x4

Small Caliber Gatling Beam Gun x4 小口径ガトリングビーム砲×4

    It's a bit of a headscratcher that this weapon looks almost identicle to the cannons of the front legs. Instead these rear leg weapons are gatling beam guns. Two barrels on the front and two on the top, protected by heavy armor whenever they're not in use. While the front leg weapons are listed as 10x (two sets of x5), for some reason, this weapon is listed as only x4 instead of the more accurate x8.

- Tail Heat Sink x6

Tail Heat Sink x6 テイルヒートシンク×6

    Like the cuffs, these heat sinks are used to manage the immense heat generated by the Brastle Tiger. They can flip upwards, dissipating that heat in a more efficient manner.

- Thermic Beam Gun x2

Thermic Beam Gun x2 サーミックビームガン×2

    Another hidden weapon is the Thermic Beam Gun. The striped side panels can extend outwards, or stand straight up. The Beam Guns, small red guns, are hidden on the interior side of this panel. Their range of motion provides a powerful defense for the Brastle Tiger's direct sides, an area oft forgotten.

- Thermic Killer Saber x2

Thermic Killer Saber x2 サーミックキラーサーベル×2

    Referring to Brastle Tiger's two large canines. Like any saber tooth cat these could deal a lot of damage by puncturing the armor of an enemy. The thermic implies that these can be heated in a similar manner to the Laser equipment of other big cats, but it's not used in the Fan Book EX or battle story.

- Thermic Strike Claw x4

Thermic Strike Claw x4 サーミックストライククロー×4

    The Thermic Strike Claws on each paw are articulated. Though they don't look particularly devastating on their own, it's possible these can charge with energy (going off of the Thermic name) for a better cut.

- Merchandise

- Model Kits

- Featured Media

    Anime Media: Zoids Genesis
    Anime Media: Three Tigers Legend (promotional DVD series)

    Book Media: Zoids Fan Book EX (Volume 12)
    Book Media: Zoids Generations

    Magazine Media: CoroCoro Comic (August 2004)
    Magazine Media: CoroCoro Comic (September 2004 Issue)

    Game Media: Super Robot Wars K
    Game Media: Zoids Saga Fuzors
    Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Game Media: Zoids VS. III

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