- Command Wolf Attack Unit

Registration Number: RZ-042??
Name: Command Wolf AU "Attack Unit"
Japanese: コマンドウルフAU
Height: 10.0 m
Length: 14.7 m
Weight: 66 T
Speed: 200 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story AC Stats
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 2-Shot 250mm Long Range Cannon (Back)
    Electron Bite Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Claw x4 (Paws)
    Assistance Booster x2 (Legs)
    Smoke Discharger x2 (Sides)
    Stabilizer x2 (Side of Guns)

- Command Wolf AC Introduction

    The Command Wolf AU is a variation of the AC, known for its white color and use in the Republican Army. Most of the time that you'll see these wolves marching in units they come in the white AU color instead of the sparking blue of the AC. Otherwise their capabilities are more or less the same, including weapons and equipment.

- Additional Equipment Information

2-Shot 250mm Long Range Cannon

2-Shot 250mm Long Range Cannon:

    This double barrel cannon functions as what appears to be an artillery (non-energy) weapon. Both of the gun barrels fire simultaneously, rather than one at a time. The gun also retains a wide range of motion, able to rotate 360 degrees.

    The Stabilizer x2 mentioned in the stats list refer to the large panels on either side of the gun.

Assistance Booster

Assistance Booster:

    These two leg boosters are installed just below the middle of the leg. They ease the effects of mobility from carrying such a large weapon on the back, although are still not enough to return the wolf to its original 210 km/h.

- Merchandise

Model Kits:


- Media Appearances

    Anime Media: Guardian Force
    Anime Media: New Century Zero

    Manga Media: New Century Zero

    Game Media: Zoids VS II
    Game Media: Zoids VS III
    Game Media: Zoids Infinity
    Game Media: Zoids: Bonds of Steel

- Notable Variations

- Color Variations