List of Fan Sites

    There's quite a few Zoids Fan Sites out in the world. Some are active, some have passed, some are dead but still useful. This part of the site will archive some of these fan sites that I've found to be useful or intriguing.

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    Activity: Updates almost monthly.
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    Activity: Has not updated in at least a year.
    Activity in grey means that there are no dates on the site to track activity.

General Fan Sites:

Activity: RoboShop is a very active Zoids blog (and youtube channel!) run by follow zoider DarthEscargot. The blog has some beautiful, highly detailed customs. The owner also stays very up to date on Wild kit reviews, which are in a clean, high quality video format.
Activity: Zoids Universe is a brand new blog & website dedicated to documenting model kits, both new and old. This includes rare kits, oddities like sticker variants, and even guides on how to create unique fusions or equipment modifications!
Activity: Long time Zoider Jammer has decided to re-open their old character shrine, Blue Sky! Though the website is dedicated to O'connel from Zoids Chaotic Century it also includes fan art, transcripts, and their personal Zoid collection.
Activity: Zoids Ignition is a multi-purpose site, and one of the few that actually still updates. It's got quite a few categories, from model reviews to CG renders and fan art, and even occasional events.
Activity: Zoikino is often the first site to post Zoids news and releases. It also has excellent coverage of the Wonderfest events and fan-made garage kits sold at them. Tons of customs and art as well.
Activity: Anomaro Karintou's blog. This is the creator of the popular HMMxVocaloid videos and also the maker of the new Zoids Original movies. Includes update progress of their latest works.
Activity: Phenotype Zoids is one of the oldest Zoids forums on the webs, and still decently active. The website has since been shut down but all of his Zoids were moved to a flickr account here.
Activity: Human Routinez is an excellent customizers blog with fantastic reconstructions, paint jobs, and led work.
Activity: Autocrat Islet has lots of stuff. Excellent customs as well as CG renders and artwork of original concepts and Zoids. They even have their own CGI Zoids Movies. The creators blog can be found here
Activity: I feel like a broken record raving about customizer blogs but Takashi has some beautiful works! Also an amazing eye for how to photograph their pieces. See their amazing diaromas!
Activity: Zoids Athenaeum is owned by Falcarius, one of our best contributors! It archives a huge variety of information including original translations of various materials, the old ZP DHM/HJM scans, and assorted info from different media.
Activity: Zoids Parallax is a website that focuses on a wide range of topics including model and product reviews and fan made content, with some excellent fan works in a wonderful style.
Activity: A blog for the customizer Ashley who makes amazing paper craft Zoids. You'll be stunned by the detail and complexity of these projects!
Activity: I would wager you've seen Tsun's amazing works before. They craft masterfully done custom parts and rig even the tiniest model details with LEDs for an amazing effect. Their customs are some of the best around.
Activity: Zoids Awakes has some of the best Zoids photography I have ever seen. Fontana also has amazing customs. Just beautiful in every regard.
Activity: Altitude of Mobius is one of my favorite customizing sites of all time. Beautiful paint work and customs of many variations we haven't seen in model form, including the Three Guards Saber Tigers.
Activity: Zoids GC is a fan site featuring fan-made Zoids and high detail 3D rendering. It has a ton of great images, including animations such as run cycles and high detailed images for effects testing.
Activity: Ligers Union is an age-old Zoids site that has fan art and lots of screencaps of the anime series.
Activity: Momonga has battle story translations, model photos, an encyclopedia, and a link to the first English Zoids Anthology project which is still available as a PDF.
Activity: Fan Art, Model Reviews, unique Media (textless endings, etc), game info, battle story info/wiki, etc.
Activity: Zoids Fan Anthology MK-II is a fan project to create a PDF or Printable Media book archiving fan works, art, models, writing, etc.
Activity: Another customizer blog which features simple but elegant customizations of multiple NJR model kits. Includes a blog of the creator and some fan-made battle story fluff.
Activity: Izuhara does some awesome Zoids fan arts, mostly of Raven and Reese, and sometimes battle story related. The website doesn't really update but their pixiv does every once in a while.
Activity: Zoids Matrix features some highly detailed zoid customs, all wonderfully illustrated. Unfortunately the images are small. Worth checking out for sure!
Activity: Zoids Lair is mostly dedicated to the Zoids Saga games and includes lots of sprites.
Activity: Barbed Wire is an awesome site that features excellently rendered CG Zoids, including some HMM. It is still updated from time to time and the maker's blog can be found here with more regular updates.
Activity: Zoids Room includes some customs and repaints of existing Zoid model kits and also a little bit of art, although the art is OC oriented with no actual Zoids.
Activity: ZAC 2050 is a very cool interactive website that features reviews of model kit products including some very rare bootlegs.
Activity: Includes remastered kits of existing Zoids. Color variations and ball jointed articulation, which is really cool to see.
Activity: S-Edition contains some pretty cool CG renders of Zoids, up to the Genesis universe and some others.
Activity: Zoids Star has an archive of the original UK Zoids Comic. It's a full color comic that is an excellent read.
Activity: Zoids Redesign is an English website based on concept work. The page is largely focused on world building with compelling artwork and even better, is in English!
Activity: Zoids Age of War is a website by Maethius featuring his astounding custom work! In English it also includes fan story-verse information that is fun to read.
Activity: Zoids BLOX Manufacturing Plant is a very cool customizers blog that strives to create BLOX versions to Zoids such as the Geno Breaker and the Liger Zero. It can be difficult to navigate but worth while.
Activity: Custom Zoid model kits, both new customs and retools of old designs, and all the metallic paint that your heart wishes you could accomplish.
Activity: Vision of Zoids hasn't been uploaded in quite a long time but it includes a lot of unique and interesting concept art of original units and variations.
Activity: Zoidology has some amazing and memorably iconic custom kits. The website is in a unique slide card format which is an interesting development from its old layout.
Activity: Nama's CG Room is an age-old site that includes CG renders of Zoids. A lot of people will recognize original customs like the Scout Fox from the RPG Age. They also have their own CGI movies.
Activity: Ultasaurus Red has some excellent customs. It also catalogues many of the unique limited edition and unknown model kits seen over the years, which is a repeatedly useful resource.
Activity: Black Maniac is one of the coolest CG sites out there. It has a lot of the iconic wallpapers we all remember and tons of CG Zoids.
Activity: Elektro Gigante is another one of those iconic sites with exceptionally high quality renders of Zoids.
Activity: The only large Card Game gallery I know of. Also has a list of Doujinshi titles, for archiving purposes.