- Liger Blue Souga

Registration Number: ZGe-001 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Blue Souga (Pale Blue Fang)
Japanese: ライガーブルーソウガ(蒼牙)
Height: 7.6 m
Length: 22.0 m
Weight: 81.5 t
Speed: 307 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Zoids Generations
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 108 mm High Density Beam Gun (Tail)
    AZ 208 mm 2 Barrel Shock Cannon x1 (Chest)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4 (Paws)
    Downforce Stabilizer x2 (Sides)
    Ion Turbo Booster x2 (Back)

- Liger Blue Souga Introduction

    The Liger Blue Souga is a special Liger Zero from the Zoids Generations series. A story that first developed in Dengeki Hobby Magazine but was later compiled into an art book. The Liger, like most Zeros specializes in close range combat and tends to act on its own.

- Name Notes:

    The Zoid is named "Liger Blue" after the color of its body, but was given the personal name of "Souga" (Pale Blue Fang) by the pilot, Midori. She just thought that it sounded cool, and so that's what the Zoid goes by.

- Behavior:

    Souga is rather uncooperative, even compared to your typical Liger Zero. For a long time he refused to take any pilot, but after living in the village with Midori for some time, seems to have warmed up to her. He's even noted for displaying cat like behavior, such as cleaning his face while sitting near her.

- Details of Design

Small Size

    The Liger Blue is actually a rather small specimen of Liger Zero, measuring around 9% smaller than the standard model. This also means that it's lighter than the typical Liger Zero. In spite of this, Souga retains the same speed as the normal sized Liger, and is noted to make up for its lack of weight by its fast and maneuverable combat skills. Nevermind a ferocious personality. It's worth noting that the box for the Liger Blue specifies standard Zero stats, but its smaller size and stats are noted in the actual Generations material.


    The Liger Blue, aside from having a blue body is noted to have a scar over its right eye. This was a wound received while fighting Bio Zoids, and unlike most Zoid injuries it never actually healed.

- Equipment Information

    Please see the basic Liger Zero article. Hiou has all of the same equipment.

- Concept Art


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- Merchandise

Model Kits:

    Model Kit: Dengeky Hobby "Liger Blue Souga"

- Featured In Media

Zoids Generations

    The Liger Blue Souga is the main character's Zoid in the Zoids Generations art book. He lived in a village for quite some time before finally accepting a pilot, a girl named Midori. Even among Liger Zeros he has a sour personality, but he's a skilled combat Zoid with ferocious fighting instincts. He leaves the village alongside Midori to go on their own adventure, after meeting some other pilots.

- Secondary Media Appearances

    Book Media: Zoids Generations

    Game Media: Zoids Dash (Color Variant)
    Game Media: Zoids Infinity Neo EX
    Game Media: Zoids Saga M

- Notable Variations