- König Wolf MK-II

Registration Number FZ-002
Name: König (German: King) Wolf MK-II
Japanese: ケーニッヒウルフMKII
Height: 10.0 m
Length: 23.7
Weight: 105.6 t
Speed: 279 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Electron Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    Electron Strike Claws x4 (Paws)
    AZ 5-Shot Missile Pod
    Dual Sniper Rifle (Back)
    Headgear x1 (Head)
        - (Night vision camera)
        - (Dual scope for precision fire)
    Double-barreled Multi-discharger x2 (Back)

- König Wolf Introduction

    The König Wolf MK-II is an all new color scheme rolled out for the Fuzors franchise. It first appeared as one of the main characters in the anime and later again in Zoids Genesis. Combat ability wise there aren't any differences from the basic HA and DSR upgrade. In overall stats, however, it's shorter in height and length, as well as more light weight than the Assault König / DSR variations. The speed has also been decreased.

- Merchandise

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- Featured In Media

    The König Wolf MK-II was first featured in Zoids Fuzors. It's piloted by a girl named Amy, though originally shared ownership with a young man named Keith. He left the Zoid, and its new pilot to find a stronger machine for sanctioned battles.

Later on the MK-II was featured in Zoids Genesis. It was a high ranking tournament Zoid, belonging to a legendary fighter who ... turned out to be a little 'ol lady! Once retired she returns to the battlefield as a military officer to fight in Ruuji's army against Diguard.

Zoids Saga Fuzors and DS: Legend of Arcadia replaced the original DSR variation with the MK-II. This is largely because of the introduction of the Fuzors characters, where Amy still pilots the Zoid.

Zoids Infinity featured bothh the HA and the MK-II variations. MK-II has substantially more coordinated color schemes, but both are decently comparable in strength.

- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

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