- Trading Introduction, Please Read!

    We're opening up our trading area again! Most items can be bought for a flat rate sale but we also trade for other products. We're mostly interested in ones that we don't have, or missing parts. You can review a list of products we're after here, but also feel free to offer anything we don't have listed here! The site doesn't list /everything/ we already own, so please don't be upset if we turn it down, but we're looking for all kinds of products! DVDs, models, figures, cards, etc.

    If offering Hasbro Zoids, please be aware we only accept those that are unique to Hasbro (like the holotechs). Ideally we'd like to get all NJR kits so we won't need doubles of those that had a Hasbro release. All model kits are preferred MIB, unbuilt. No built kits are accepted unless otherwise stated.

Shipping Information:

    Times: It can take up to 5 days to ship items. Preferably no more than 1 or 2, but sometimes I just don't have access to a car due to work schedules.

    Prices: Shipping to the US is free. If you're ordering from another country please add $10. I am NOT responsible for paying your countries import fees. I will not mark items as gifts. I may or may not discount shipping on multiple items for out-of-country buyers depending on the size, but if it is large items I won't be able to afford this.

    Condition: What you see is what you get. Built model kits are partially disassembled with all legs and arms removed and any jutting parts unattached. I will try my best to ship these items securely but please understand that sometimes breakages may occur during shipment.

- Model Kits

    Yujin BLOX Weapon (Silver and Green): $20
    Condition: These are the ones sold in capsules (two available). It does not come in the capsule because it is too large and awkward to ship, but the capsule itself has no markings or anything on it. It's just a gumball machine capsule. This is the silver and green version, not the gold and black one. Unlike the photo the side parts are silver, the weapons/main parts dark gloss black, and the BLOX pieces dark green.

    HMM Customize Parts 014: $35
    Condition: This CP set is for the Gun Sniper and includes silver chrome parts for I think most (if not all?) of the normal light blue parts. At the very least it includes the missile pod covers and a lot of other pieces. It seems to have slight yellowing but I'm not sure if that's the plastic bag or the silver chrome itself.

    HMM Customize Parts 008: $45
    Condition: This CP set is for the Geno Breaker and includes a ton of silver chrome parts including (but not limited to) the breaker blades, forehead spike, etc. The parts appear slightly yellowed but I cannot tell if this is the plastic or the silver chrome itself.

- Action Figures and Miniatures

    Metal BLOX Zoids: $8 Each
    Condition: I can't guarantee that I have a complete set, but I'll check if asked to do so. These are tiny gachapon sized metal BLOX Zoids. They usually come in 4-5 pieces. The ones that exist are Leoblaze, Unenlagia, Nightwise, Mosasledge, Flyscissors, and ShellKarn. I may have all of them, but might be missing one or two. They will be shipped in plain black plastic bags, which they came in. The little pudding cup thing they come on is not included, but there are no Zoids marks/distinguishing logos on them. You could literally replace them with a pudding cup.

    Kabaya Zoids Iron Kong: $30
    Condition: This is a miniature posable figure of the Iron Kong. It is crafted in a cheap plastic but appears to be in tact in the original plastic casing. The casing is dirty, with some gunge around the interior edges. I can't clean this without removing it from the packaging.

    Kabaya Zoids Gordos: $25
    Condition: This is a miniature posable figure of the Gordos crafted in the same cheap plastic. It will be disassembled for shipment and comes with none of the original packaging. The tail gun is broken on one side. There is a tiny fragment of plastic in the bag that I assume must be this but I am pretty sure it is too small to glue.

- Card Games

    Zoids Scramble Starter Deck: $15
    Condition: Brand new in factory wrap. I have like ... 6 of these things. The cards are the same for every deck, as far as I'm aware.

Zoids Cards:
    $5 for Zoid/Pilot/Base cards
    $2 for Event/Custom/Etc cards
    * Orders under $5 not accepted.
Condition: I just like Zoids and I collect Zoid cards, I'm not a serious card collector so some cards may have slightly rough edges. I do not sell any cards that have creases or stains. I can photograph cards before shipping if requested. Below are lists of cards I have. Those with a * are for sale or trade (for any BCG/Scramble/Coli cards that I don't have). Any that don't have the * are not up for sale/trade, unless for specific cards listed in our seeking page (up top).
Battle Card Game: Checklist
Zoids Card Colosseum: Checklist
Zoids Scramble: Checklist