List of Fan Sites

    This page is dedicated to official Zoids sites. Many are broken but you can still view almost all of them. If you're aware of something we're missing feel free to give us a link!

General Fan Sites:

A new site specifically for Zoids Wild, the 2018 relaunch of the Zoids franchise! This includes a news feed, information on the app, models, etc. The model section includes profiles, box info, and instructional videos. There's also a page for finding "Zoids Bases", sales locations in Japanese stores.
Kotobukiya's list of HMM Zoids. This is a great list to look into! Contains the product images and in many cases samples of the box art for HMM Zoids.
LABO is one of Kotobukiya's official product blogs. Though this page includes non-Zoids products it is the only official site that updates, so a great place to see new product information from our leading company!
Dengeki Hobby Magazine stopped its printed publication a while ago and moved to an online format. News is now posted in a series of articles and they often have new pictures of recent Zoid announcements.
The official website for Zoids Wild Zero, the second anime in the Zoids Wild franchise. It features character profiles, Zoids profiles, a basic story overview, and opens onto a trailer for the site. I've linked to the Zoids page because the main page video doesn't work for international viewers anyway.
Zoids Wild's anime specific set, which includes information on the characters, Zoids, story, as well as product information for the DVD & Blu-Ray release.
This website is for Zoids Wild's second switch game, Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast. While it has similar features to the first it now includes concept art in the style of the Concept Art Books, questing, full customization, and more!
TT's website for King of Blast. Features game information, upcoming events, F.A.Q, etc. Be forewarned that it has autoplaying video (no audio by default, but still.) It can make the background quite chaotic.
TakaraTomy's official site. It includes a directory for the other active Zoids sites as well as an online (partial) version of the newer Zoids Concept Art Book.
Zoids Aggressive is a new series launched in October 2015 featuring highly detailed posable action figures by the Kotobukiya company. So far the line focuses mainly on Zoids Genesis, a series that hasn't received much attention in recent years and is due for these excellent figures!
TT's website for the mobile MOBA game, Zoids: Field of Rebellion. It contains news, profiles, and links to several online guides (in Japanese.)
Zoids Original is a relaunch of the motorized toy line. The website is the most interesting of the relaunch. It contains short movies, a Zoids Original Story (which coincides with Zoids SS), model kit announcements, and new art.
Kotobukiya's old blog. They often used to post in-progress shots and news announcements here long before they appeared on the main site.
The MSS Zoids site. It announces news for the MSS kits and also features some of the box art, and new diaroma bases that aren't often included in Zoids releases!
Zoids Material Hunters is an upcoming mobile and smart TV game to be released in 2015. This website will record progress until its release!
ShoPro is the maker of the Zoids anime and their website has lots of awesome stuff like turn around images of the Zoids featured in the show, character profiles, story information, and more!
Zoids Web Comic The old Zoids Web Comic site. You can still pull up the flash files but none of the contained comics will load. A lot of the wallpapers still work, and the descriptions of the comic are still interesting. This link uses Web Archive.

Purchasing Zoids:

TakaraTomy Mall This is the store that you'll need to order Zoids Original kits from, if you wish to order directly. Because it only ships to Japan you'll have to use one of the proxy services below.
Kotobukiya Direct Kotobukiya Direct requires a proxy service but it includes new customize kits and a lot of the Kotobukiya Zoids. Some come with additional parts if ordered directly from this web store.
AmiAmi AmiAmi, unlike most other Japan stores will ship to other countries including the US. Almost every purchase has at least 15% off of the purchase price. Repeat customers receive a small discount. No refunds until items are returned, even if lost in the mail. Partial refunds only.
Hobby Link Japan Hobby Link Japan offer 20% discounts on most purchases. They have been known to not update their stocks. They also only ship twice a week so orders can take up to six days to ship out.
Toy-Wave Toy-Wave is an English site that is located in the US. I've had bad experience with them forgetting tracking numbers and packing boxes poorly but others have had great experience with them.

- Zoids Game Sites

    Most Zoids game sites have been removed after Tomy merged with the Takara company. We are still able to view some of these websites by using Web Archive, but it is the best that we can do. Many images, links, and directories are broken.

Zoids Infinity Zoids Infinity was a big deal when it first came out. It even included the old Konig Wolf Web Comic and still retains a lot of the images for Zoids, battle information, game modes, etc.
Zoids Infinity EX Neo Infinity EX Neo contains Zoid lists, character profiles, battle summaries, and generally a lot of information on the game itself. It is one of the more recent sites with a lot of content.
Zoids Saga Zoids Saga has a little bit of info left but the images are almost all broken and the only link that still works leads to the Zoids Saga II site.
Zoids Saga II Zoids Saga II has a lot of links. The banners and everything still seem to work but I'm not sure how much of the information is still relevant.
Zoids Saga Fuzors A lot of the links connected to the main page are dead, as they didn't receive enough visits to be properly archived. The main page still exists, though!
Zoids Saga DS Zoids Saga DS: LEgend of Arcadia. Unfortunately most images are broken but some do still work, and the information itself is all still there.
Zoids Full Metal Crash The art styles for the on-site profiles and the in-game style are very different from one another, and the old site style images are all still up. It includes a lot of information on the characters and customization.
Zoids Struggle Zoids Struggle is very similar to Full Metal Crash. The site doesn't have a lot of information but it does have the Zoid Profiles still, and some quite nifty banners!
Zoids Tactics Zoids Tactics is most recognized for its Battle Story relation. The site images almost all still work including the character profiles for the main Battle Story pilots to appear.
Zoids Vs. I There are only a few links on this site and only some of them works but there are plenty of screencaps to keep you entertained.
Zoids Vs. i / EZ These sites include a few links that contain screenshots but not much else is known about these games.
Zoids VS. II The site features a few pages, but most interestingly a note about a limited 1,000 copy DVD that includes the BLOX cgi that often appears in the Vs. intros.
Zoids Vs. III This game site has a lot of pages including nice renders of the Zoids involved and some character profiles.
Zoids Battle Card There is no relevant information here really, just a place holder image.
Zoids 2 Like the above link this contains just a place holder image.