- Zoids Stats

 While we gather most of our Zoids information into larger files found in the Zoid Index, it takes a long time to get an individual article added. Meanwhile, questions continue to arise about what weapons a Zoid has, where they are located, etc. So we've added the Zoids Stats page as a quick reference for those questions! For now, since this is an image-less database, stats are split into alphabetical order.

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Some quick notes:
 - This page partially uses automatic translation. Though checked carefully, there may be mistakes.
 - Zoid stats are based on new war data, not the variations used in old wars.
 - Stats are based primarily on boxes and books.
 - These stats are mostly from actual lists. Brief mentions or game-exclusive weapons, etc. aren't included.
 - This page is vastly incomplete. It'll be added to over time, but contains a lot of the major Zoids.