- The Iron Bible; Vol. 00

    The Iron Bible: The most memorable promotional video and the name sake of this site is a DVD that was released in the year 2001 to promote the Zoids series. It featured several newer Zoids at the time and a beautifully CG-rendered battle scene. Much of the footage would later be seen in the VS. Games.

    In following years it became widely known only as the "Zoids Promotional Video" as seen on youtube. The DVD itself not only contains this video but an alternate ending featuring a to-be face off of the Liger Zero X and Konig Wolf.

    We'll include all of the DVD information on this page. In the mean time it is worth noting that we upload a multitude of Zoids videos to our Youtube Channel: Youtube.com/user/TheIronBible

- Box and Disc

- Full Movie

- Titles

    There are several chapters on the DVD including the longer video above. There is also an alternative ending which is less than a minute long and some advertisements for the motorized model kits. Below is a list of included chapters.

    Title 1: Liger Zero X Vs. Konig Wolf
            This features the battle ending where the Liger Zero X begins to face off against the Konig Wolf. It runs the same as the primary video except that instead of the Dark Spiner facing the Snipe Masters it ends this way.
    Title 1: Sub Chapter - Zoids Spec
            Highly detailed profiles are included in this DVD, which show all of the Zoids moving parts and its run cycle. It also includes uniquely animated or rendered video of these Zoids.
    Title 1: Dark Spiner Vs. Snipe Master
            This is the version of the video that the rest of the community is familiar with. It follows precisely the same, but ends with the Dark Spiner confronting the Snipe Master unit.
    Title 1: Dark Spiner Commercial
    Title 1: Snipe Master Commercial

- Screenshots:

- Added Scenes

- Title 1 Sub: Zoid Battle Spec

    EZ-054 Liger Zero X:

    The first part of Zero X features images of the Liger Zero, then shown as the EM in color. With a roar, the EM turns into the X and the intro begins. It covers the width, height, dry weight, and maximum speed, complete with a run cycle.

    Some details are given about the Zero type, and the X armor designed specifically for the Liger Zero Empire.

    There are some CGI scenes following, that show how the different parts of the X move, including the Cutter Fairing, Static Generator, RC Unit, Hyper Blade Sensor, Chaff Dispensor, and Electron Driver.

    EZ-049 Berserk Furher:

    After a brief mention of the Eisen Dragoons, they go on to cover the Furhers stats, and a hovering animation (no walk cycle). It covers the different weapons, with different animations, as well as a view of the buster claws spinning and a Charged Particle Cannon stance.

    RZ-053 Konig Wolf:

    After abrief description of the stats, it shows a run cycle of the Wolf (which quite frankly, looks somewhat like a hopping rabbit), and then follows with weapon information. Starting with the head gear, it shows the forward rotating motion, and notes the sniper rifle benefits. Then showing the Electron Strike Claws and Multi Dischargers, it moves on to show the jaws opening to preview the Electron Bite Fang (though the electricity is not shown).

    RZ-055 Mad Thunder:

    A nice rotation of the Zoid shows just how massive the Mad Thunder is. It follows with a walk cycle that shows all equipment in motion. They then follow with a view of the spinning horns, and mention the giant shield on the Zoid's head. The Hyper Rolling Charger in the back of the Mad Thunder also receives a mention, as well as a rolling animation.

- Dark Spiner Commercial

    Since these guys didn't really get a shot in the Battle Specs, there's a commercial added on for the Dark Spiner, that shows some clips from the video and then advertises the model kit.

- Snipe Master Commercial

    The last chapter features a commercial for the Snipe Master's customize parts; the Flexible Booster and the Active Shield unit. Like the other one, it shows some clips from the show to advertise.