- Gojulas Mariner "Number 18"

* Stat Information: ---
Name: Number (Issue) 18
Specific Unit: Gojulas Mariner No. 18
Height: ---
Length: ---
Weight: ---
Speed: ---
Introduction & Differences:
    The "18th Issue" is an armor variation on the original Gojulas Mariner. While the first behemoth had amazingly been customized to run on water they decided to take it one step further, using an enormous armor rehaul to make the Zoid capable of agile dives.

    It's first and only actual media appearance (excluding cameos on magazines) was in the Zoids Web Comic where it was used with the earlier Issue 17. Both were deployed to protect a transport unit which was carrying the Gojulas Giga. They succeeded to out maneuver and destroy a Sinker and War Shark, both of which were expected to be more agile.

    When the transporter was attacked by a Death Stinger and the original Mariner sunk the aquatic version seized the Stinger's tail and tried to prevent it from going on board, at least up until the Giga tore free from the hull and mutilated the Zoid. It was thrown overboard to the mercy of both Mariner units.

- Media Appearances

    Digital Media: Zoids Web Comic (Primary Appearance)

    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine (June 2004 Issue)