- Gordos

Registration Number: RZ-008 (Stegosaurus Type)
Name: Gordos
Japanese: ゴルドス
Rollout: ZAC 2030
Height: 15.1 m
Length: 30.3 m
Weight: 199.0 t
Speed: 80 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    105mm High Speed Rail Gun x2 (Back)
    AMD 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Cannon (Top of tail)
    ARZ 20mm Beam Gun (Left Side)
    Hyper Bite Fang (Mouth)
    Maxer 30mm Multi-Purpose Machine Gun x2 (Tail)
    Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Cannon x2 (Tail)
    Titanium Spike (Thagomizers)
    TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun (Right side)
    GPS Magnetic Detector (Plates)

- Gordos Introduction

    The Gordos is one of the most robust electronic warfare Zoids out there. Its capabilities are considered among the best, but due to how expensive it is to produce, a number of lower cost machines have surfaced over the years. Ones that can be more easily mass produced and put out onto the battle field.

- Details of Design

A Peaceful Beast

    Prior to the Central Continent War the Gordos was widely used as a transport Zoid. This was well suited to its calm personality, and while the Zoid saw battle during the war, it was ultimately retired. Reinstated only after its plates were renovated with electronic equipment.

    In spite of this, the Gordos wasn't suitable for front line combat. Its docile nature made it struggle to compete even with small scale Zoids, nevermind medium or large scale. Moving at only 80 km/h, in these kinds of situations escape was also not an option. To find a combative place for this Zoid, the Republic moved Gordos to a support fire role, and would later introduce a long range version that would target via radar.

- Concept Art

- Military History

ZAC 2099, August

    During this period the Gordos LR was instrumental in the success of the Republican High Speed Battalion being able to reach the summit of Mount Olympus. On their way to the base of the mountain the unit was supported by long range fire from Cannon Tortoise and Gordos LR, who helped keep enemies at bay so that the unit would survive their journey.

- Equipment Information

- 105mm High Speed Rail Gun x2

105mm High Speed Rail Gun x2: 105mm高速レールガン×2

    Two large green guns are attached to the sides of the Gordos' back. By nature, Rail Guns are quite powerful, moving ammunition along the rails using a magnetic field. While this results in a powerful projectile, rail guns also suffer greatly from wear and tear. They break down fast with repeated use, so should be reserved as a back up.

- AMD 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon

AMD 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Cannon: AMD30mm2連装ビーム砲

    A small two-barrel beam gun attached to the top of the tail tip. Its placement gives it a fair amount of articulation, able to swing far to the left and right.

- ARZ 20mm Beam Gun

ARZ 20mm Beam Gun: ARZ20mmビームガン

    Gordos has two different weapons on the sides of its back, placed just beneath the Rail Guns. On the left side is the ARZ Beam Gun. A single shot energy-based weapon.

- GPS Magnetic Detector

GPS Magnetic Detector: GPS磁気探知機

    After the Central Continent War the Gordos' plates were renovated with additional electronic equipment, including an all-weather radar. This equipment serves a number of purposes, including locating and targeting enemies over a great distance. With this, the Gordos is exceptionally useful in combat, tracking enemies on reconnaissence missions long before it enters their radar range.

- Hyper Bite Fang

Hyper Bite Fang: ハイパーバイトファング

    Like most Zoids, Gordos has basic weaponry seen on its animal counterpart. This includes the ability to bite. However, the teeth aren't sharp. It may not be the Gordos' first thought, either, with the Zoids docile nature.

- Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2

Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2: マクサー30mm多用途マシンガン×2

    These automatic weapons are attached to either side of the tail tip. They thus benefit from the same range of motion as the tail, providing rear support for the Gordos.

- Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Cannon x2

Panova 20mm Surface-to-air Beam Cannon x2: パノーバ20mm地対空ビーム砲×2

    Two guns attached to each side of the tail, near the back. They're attached to swiveling joints that allow them to rotate up and down, allowing the Gordos to target both enemies behind it, and those in the air.

- Titanium Spike

Titanium Spike: チタンスパイク×4

    Any stegosaurus should have its thagomizers, and Gordos is no different. These heavy duty spikes are located near the end of the tail, and used for pulverizing Zoids who dare to get too close. Unfortunately the presence of large, bulky weaponry just a few feet further down the tail may get in the way of how destructive these weapons can be. They also rarely (if ever) see use.

- TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun

TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun: TRZ20mmリニアレーザーガン

    One of the two weapons placed below the rail guns. This one is on the right side, and fires a basic energy shot at the enemy.

- Merchandise

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- Featured In Media

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