- Energy Liger

Registration Number: EZ-072
Name: Energy Liger
Japanese: エナジーライガー
Height: 12 m
Length: 28 m
Weight: 160 T
Speed: 660 km/h
    Wolff Muroa
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    2 Dual Charger Cannons (Shoulders)
    Anti-Zoid X Blade (Head)
    Charger Gatling (Shoulders)
    Energy Claws x4 (Paws)
    Energy Wings x2 (Back)
    Gungnir Horn (Head)
    Energy Charger (Neck)
    Tri-Horn Shield (Fuzors only) (Head)

- Energy Liger Introduction

    The Energy Liger was an incredible breakthrough in technology on part of the Zenebas Empire. It was the first Zoid recognized to use tachyon particles, otherwise questioned to even exist. It truely became a real feat of engineering.

    Traditionally the unit is red, but when Fuzors came around a black scheme was introduced.

Wild Liger Basis

    A Wild Liger was used as the basis for the Energy Liger. After seeing its success with CAS units it was deemed that this would be able to handle the stress of having two major power sources: the core and the additional Energy Charger. It is said that the Liger is unusually large for a wild lion type, and this proves to be true, given that the Liger Zero units were otherwise some of the largest wild units.

- Details of Design

Tachyon Energy

    The key to this Liger's design is the Energy Charger on its back, which takes in tachyon particles from Zi's atmosphere and circulates them through the Zoid. This causes it to operate at a much higher performance than other Liger-type Zoids and pushes the Energy Liger to its maximum speed of 660 km/h. This same energy can be circulated through the many weapons.

Multiple Primary BLOX

    Having been developed after the introduction of BLOX Zoids into the war, the Energy Liger was designed with them in mind. It has several different BLOX that it can be merged to, several being the Chimera BLOX also used with Seismosaurus.

Building Upon Previous Technology

    The Liger Zero X was developed using technology originally made for the Liger Zero X. Not a lot of detail is given about how it uses this design.

- Equipment Information

- 2 Dual Charger Cannon

2 Dual Charger Cannon:

    One of two 'primary' weapons. Both this and the Charger Gatling are actually meant to be switched around for whatever is convenient. In the Battle Story the Gatling is often on the left, instead of the right, and both can also be moved to the tail or the rear legs. Nonetheless, the Dual Charger Cannon makes use of the tachyon energy in the frame and utilizes it to accelerate the shot.

    In Zoids Fuzors this weapon was seen to easily destroy small-scale Zoids in a single shot.

- Anti-Zoid X Blade

Anti-Zoid X Blade:

    This is the golden blade ontop of the cockpit hatch. Typically this is decorated with ancient Zoidian text that is engraved along the upper surface. Unlike the other weapons the X-Blade isn't frequently charged with tachyon particles, and actually saw very little (if any) use, regardless of the media.

- Charger Gatling

Charger Gatling:

    This large gun consists of eight tightly clustered gun barrels all capable of firing in rapid succession. Tachyon particles in the frame are gathered in each gun barrel and used to accerate the rate of fire, which pushes this gun beyond the capabilities of a normal Gatling Gun. Like the Charger Cannons it is meant to be able to fire freely from all different weapon ports on the Energy Liger: The front shoulders, rear legs, and tail.

- Energy Claws x4

Energy Claws x4:

    Presumably these are used in the same fashion as a Strike Laser Claw, but their actual use isn't frequently noted in medias. There is no mention of them being used with the Energy Charger, but if they are, chances are they use the same thermal energy that is developed on the surface, much like the Energy Wings.

- Energy Wing x2

Energy Wing x2:

    Both wings of the Energy Liger are weapons, but not just weapons, they also serve as high powered boosters and flight gear (as shown in Zoids VS III). Weapon wise, the Energy Wings draw out tachyon energy from the frame and materializes it over the front surface. This creates thermal energy that allows the wing blades to burn through enemy Zoids with an even greater strength than the Blade Liger's Laser Blades.

- Gungnir Horn

Gungnir Horn:

    This weapon was named after the great spear of Odin, "Gungnir;" which was said to be able to inflict certain death with every throw. A befitting name for such a spear, which is often used to impale or slice up enemy Zoids.

    In Zoids Fuzors it is also shown to be able to redirect power from the Gungnir Horn, firing it in an electrical arc that can span an impressive distance towards the enemy. In Fuzors alone it was also used to establish a triangular Energy Shield, which when shattered caused the entire Energy Charger to back fire.

- Energy Charger

    Energy Charger:

    The defining characteristic of the Energy Liger. This system draws in power from the atmosphere, specifically tachyon energy particles and circulates it throughout the Zoids frame. This allows an increased performance on all fronts and improves the speed of weaponry. Unfortunately the maximum output limits the charger to only five to ten minutes of use.

    The charger itself is meant to be a seperate power source from the core but their connection is vital. The charger is constantly pouring energy into the core to be used through the weaponry, so when the core shuts down and the charger doesn't that energy overflows and eventually builds to a massive meltdown that will cause the Zoid to detonate. The devastation from such a blast would kill millions in a populated area, and so both must be well kept.

- Tri-Horn Shield

    Tri-Horn Shield: Anime Only

    An unusual Energy Shield. It was technically shown being used by the Energy Ray Liger, but there was nothing to imply that the normal Liger could not use it, as it never had the need to, and it appears to generate from the Gungnir Horn. While the shield did shatter upon the very first hit from the Liger Zero Falcon's Energy Lance, these were high powered energy-based weapons refined to a forward point. It is reasonable to assume that, given the Energy Liger's immense power output that the Shield could withstand a substantial amount of damage from standard weapons. The shield itself is massive, but provides little production for the sides and legs.

    * This equipment is only ever used in Zoids Fuzors.

- Media Appearances

    Battle Story: Fan Book EX (Volume 8)
    Battle Story: Fan Book EX (Extra)

    Anime Media: Zoids Fuzors
    Anime Media: Zoids Genesis (Introduction only)

    Game Media: Zoids Saga Fuzors
    Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Game Media: Zoids VS. II (Zoids Battle Legends)
    Game Media: Zoids Vs. III

    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine (June 2004 Issue)

- Color Variations