- Camouflaged Battleship

Registration Number: ???
Name: Camouflaged Battleship
Japanese: 偽装戦艦
Type: Likely a Baleen Whale
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: The Camouflaged Battleship has no official stats
Weapons: Equipment:
    Unnamed Cannons (Front and Top)     Electromagnetic Shield
    Jamming Snow Missiles (Top)
- Camouflaged Battleship Introduction

    The camouflaged battleship is a Zoid exclusive to Chaotic Century. It appeared briefly during a few episodes as a giant underwater carrier, concealed inside of a giant iceberg. This disguise was used to get close to New Helic City without detection, and though only one shot of it was seen, we have a pretty good idea of its design.

- Name Notes

    Since the battleship wasn't named in the show we decided to go with the description it was given in its concept art.

- Icebergs

    A big part of the Battleship's camouflage is the giant iceberg that sits on top of it. This allowed it to remain fairly undetected, aside from the fact that a giant iceberg floating towards the city was, in and of itself fairly suspicious. Even then, the Battleship's countermeasures allowed it to get close enough to launch its attack. It was initially detected as a Zoid because it was leaking oil around the vicinity of the iceberg.

- Equipment

    *This section will be formatted a bit differently due to the limited information on this Zoid.

Electromagnetic Shield

    It was mentioned that the Battleship contains an electromagnetic shield, though it doesn't go into detail regarding its use.

Jamming Snow Missiles

    Missile launched from the top of the iceberg release specialized jamming Ssnow. This snow creates strong electro-magnetic disturbances, cutting off communication within its vicinity. It stops nearby enemy units from relaying information back to base. The snow is scoffed at by Dr. D, who mentions he created a much stronger version in his time.

Unnamed Cannons

    The Battleship's cannons were used to fire upon the Shield Liger and Saber Tiger battle, as well as to shoot down several Pteras who were harassing it. These are originally shown on the top, but during the Saber Tiger battle, it was shown to have two at the front of each iceberg.

- Design

- Carrying Capacity & Loading Capacity

    The Camouflaged Battleship is used as a carrier to ferry Imperial Zoids to New Helic City. From a single unloading bay, we see a total of 6 Molgas, 3 Heldigunners, 2 Red Horns, and 1 Iron Kong emerge. A "Redhorn 13" is mentioned, and there are multiple Iron Kongs on shore, though there might have been more Battleships.

- Bridge Designs

- Featured In Media

    Chaotic Century: Episode 16, 17, 18
    Chaotic Century: Japanese DVD Volume 4

- Concept Art

11: Camouflaged Battleship
12: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 1
13: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 2
14: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge 3
15: Camouflaged Battleship
Bridge Commander Seat
16: Camouflaged Battleship
Various Consoles