- Lightning Saix BS

Registration Number EZ-035 BS
Name: Lightning Saix BS (Barrett Gatter Specifications)
Japanese: ライトニングサイクスBS
Height: 8.8 m
Length: 18.4 m
Weight: 65 t
Speed: 310 km/h
    Barrett Gatter
* Stat Information: Based on the Battle Card Game and standard Lightning Saix
Weapons: Equipment:
    Double-barreled Vulcan Gun x1
    Laser Killer Fang x2
    Pulse Laser Rifle x2
    Strike Laser Claw x4
    Booster Pack
    Organoid System
    Vertical Stabilizer x2
    Wing Stabilizers

- Lightning Saix BS Introduction

    Lightning Saix BS is the prequel to the true Lightning Saix that was developed by the Guylos Empire. This silver variant was the prototype to test the Zoid's initial abilities, and while it was a little slower than the final version (by 15 km/h) it had more fire power. It was slightly less responsive for following combat commands in some medias and had a lower weight capacity.

- Combat History

    The Zoid's only important media appearance was in the Battle Story. It appeared in ZAC 2100 and took up arms against Kei Isurugi's Blade Liger KS during a test drive. The purpose of the battle was to test the Saix's abilities but the records for the outcome were lost, and the fate of the Lightning Saix BS never specified.

- Media Appearances

    Book: Note Map Volume 1

    Game: Saga II / Zoids Legacy
    Game: Zoids Infinity
    Game: Battle Card Game (Promotional sold with Note Map Volume 1)

- Color Variations