- Zoids Chaotic Century Manga

Status: Complete!
    Based on the popular anime series, the Zoids Chaotic Century manga starts off virtually the same, but half way through volume one it veers off into an entirely new story, with an entirely different take on the events that happen. With a lot closer look at Zoids and how they work, and the bonds they have with humans, the Chaotic Century manga is a much more fantasy-escue story and much less military based.
    Originally released as only 5 issues in Japan, these issues were later split up into 14 much smaller books for the American release, which was published by Viz. A continuation of the manga, known as "Zoids EX" is listed below.

Zoids Chaotic Century Directory

Status: Complete
    Zoids EX is a continuation of the original Zoids Chaotic Century manga. While publishing of these books stopped, Ueyama, the artist of the series continued the manga on their own site. We have translated this series and all scans in these pages are the translated versions. For the originals, please see Ueyama's Manga in our links section! All of these pages were translated by Emeryl. A huge thanks to her for all of her hard work! For the sake of keeping consistent information all Zoids EX information will be in the Chaotic Century directory.

- Zoids Wild

Status: Ongoing
    Arashi grew up listening to stories from his father about his grand adventures with his Zoids partner, the Grachiosaurus, in search of the "Ancient Treasure Z." When his father goes missing, Arashi sets out to find a Zoid partner of his own. Hoping to find his father and join him on his adventures. The world is a dangerous place, however, and Arashi is up against both fierce wild Zoids and the Death Metal Empire, who want to reclaim the runaway legendary Zoid he's trying to protect.

Zoids Wild Directory

- Zoids Field of Rebellion

Status: Ongoing - Up To Date
    Zoids Field of Rebellion was started in support of the MOBA app game by the same name. It follows the story of Vance and his team mates (who also happen to be pilots in the game) fighting in a mercenary group organized to fight for commission. These tasks aren't always so simple, often burried in danger and at risk of encountering large scale Zoids, such as the Death Saurer.

Zoids FOR Directory

- Zoids SS

Status: Ongoing
    Zoids SS started in the July 2013 Issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It had a previous advertisement foreshadowing its release date in the June issue, and is stated to contain stories never before told about the Republic Vs. Empire war. Assuming these chapters will be relatively short I'll include an invidual page for each, and a page where you can read the ongoing series all at once.

Zoids SS Directory

- Zoids Galaxy Quest Planet Zi

Status: Ongoing
     This comic series follows the story of Kugo, our hero, who crash lands on Zi after his ship is damaged. He meets some of Zi's metal life forms up close and personal when he is attacked by a wild Konig Wolf. His story is one of trying to learn to work with Zoids, and tame the wild wolf that is intent to kill him. Planet Zi reuses a lot of Zoids artwork, having less than 10 'unique' images of some Zoids that are just turned, flipped, and recycled for all scenes.

Zoids Galaxy Quest Planet Zi Directory

- ZOIDS Delusional War Record

Status: Incomplete
    Better known as the web comics, this is a series of interactive flash comics that were hosted on the Tomy Zoids site in the early 2000's. The flash files for most of these have long since been lost, but a few years ago video copies of them surfaced on the internet. Now we're trying to provide video-format translations, so that people can experience the comics similarly to how they could when they were available. Some war records are incomplete.

ZOIDS Delusional War Record Directory

- Zoids New Century Zero

Status: Complete
     New Century Zero received only one graphic novel release. It's to be expected that this resulted in a very poorly done story. Aside from the fact that the battles ended in just a couple of pages, there are hardly any Zoids featured in the entire comic, besides the Liger Zero, of course. For example, Brad's Shadow Fox is only visible in one single panel in the entire comic.
     In spite of that, it does follow the CC novels in the sense that it breaks from the main story, to some extent, and follows different character developments, styles, and take on the mechanical combat beasts that we know and love.

New Century Zero Directory

- Zoids (Marvel)

Status: Incomplete
     "Zoids", sold in two-part book from Marvel titled "Spiderman and Zoids" is often referred to as the UK comic, and follows a unique story not to seen to any other manga or anime series. It is drawn in full color detail with many old Zoids.

Zoids Directory

- Iron Soul!! Zoids Core Competition

Status: Not yet started
     The Iron Soul Zoids Competition is a manga series following virtual Zoids Battles. Rather than real Zoids the 'pilots' use model kits to participate in the game, which projects an image of the battle as it takes place. Lots of Zoids art, all original, and not a bunch of recycled art.

Iron Soul!! Zoids Core Competition Directory (Currently Unavailable)

- Zoids Commander Teru

Status: Not yet started
     Commander Teru is a story about a young boy who participates in virtual Zoid battles, much like the Iron Soul competition. The book is oriented around the Battle Card Game instead of model kits, and has quite a few unique variations, as it is customization-themed.

Zoids Commander Teru Directory (Currently Unavailable)