- Feuer Wolf

Registration Number: ???
Name: Feuer (German: Fire) Wolf
Japanese: フォイヤーヴォルフ
Height: 10.0 m
Length: 23.7
Weight: 105.6 t
Speed: 279 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Konig Wolf MK-II
Weapons: Equipment:
    Electron Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    Electron Strike Claws x4 (Paws)
    AZ 5-Shot Missile Pod
    Dual Sniper Rifle (Back)
    Headgear x1 (Head)
        - (Night vision camera)
        - (Dual scope for precision fire)
    Double-barreled Multi-discharger x2 (Back)

- Feuer Wolf Introduction

    The Feuer Wolf is a Konig Wolf DSR that was featured in Zoids Cyber Drive. It sported a red armor color with blue eyes and yellow caps.

    The image you see on the right is the official artwork of this Zoid, but colors of the artwork differred from colors in the game. The in-game wolf had a black base, not a brown base. Also be aware that the Feuer Wolf has both Double Barrel Multi-Dischargers, the art just removed the left item to make sure it wouldn't block the main art.

Name Notes:
    Feuer Wolf is noted as the "given" name to the Zoid, instead of the unit name. The unit name is noted to be Konig Wolf (not even DSR or Assault Konig specifically.) This would still qualify as an official variant though, just as any other pilot custom would, such as Command Wolf IS, Blade Liger Leon, etc.

- Featured In Media

    The Feuer Wolf originates from Zoids Cyberdrive, where it was a pilot custom. Like many of the Zoids in the game the actual in-game colors vary drastically from the book profile colors.

    Annnnd in the booklet the wolf is a much more orange and brown scheme! This is the only artwork of it outside of the game itself that I'm aware of. This is from the Zoids Cyberdrive Game Guide.

- Color Variations