- Geno Breaker Jet "Type B"

* Stat Information: ---
Name: Type B
Specific Unit: Geno Breaker Jet Type B
Height: ---
Length: ---
Weight: ---
Speed: ---
Introduction & Differences:
    The Geno Breaker Jet "Type B" was featured in the Zoids Web Comic, in the Two Witches comic. It is a rather strange looking variation with different head armor and two massive axe blades in place of the X breakers. It was seen traveling with the original Jet which was unfortunately killed by the Gojulas Giga.

    Although Jet B has never seen an official model kit release quite a few man-made kits and customs have cropped around. Often this "garage kit" customize set, which includes the head and blades sells for $200-$350 and was designed for the HMM Geno Saurer/Breaker.

- Media Appearances

Zoids Web Comic (Primary Appearance)
In the Web Comic that made this variant famous it was one of two Jet upgrades (the other a standard black Geno Breaker) and was said to relive the death of its sister unit numerous times throughout history.

    Dengeki Hobby Magazine (June 2004)
A segment featuring the Zoids Web Comic showed high-resolution artwork of the Geno Breaker Jet and other variations.

    Zoids Struggle
While the Geno Breaker Jet does not appear as a usable character in any video game media the twin blades were used as optional weapons in both Zoids Struggle and Zoids Full Metal Crash, making possible to create a mix of the two units.