- Blade Liger

Registration Number: RZ-028 (Lion Type)
Name: Blade Liger
Japanese: ブレードライガー
Rollout: ???
Height: 12.2 m
Length: 25.9 m
Weight: 124.0 t
Speed: 305.0 km/h
    Van Flyheight
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 2-Barrel Shock Cannon (Chest)
    Laser Blade x2 (Sides)
    Laser Saber x2 (Fangs)
    Pulse Laser Gun x2 (Blade Arms)
    Strike Claw x4 (Paws)
    3D Dual Sensor (Tail)
    Compression Refrigerator x4 (Legs)
    E-Shield Generator (Head, Throat)
    Multi-Blade Antenna x2 (Head)
    Organoid System
    Rocket Booster (Back)

- Blade Liger Introduction

    Blade Liger is the spiritual successor of the Shield Liger. It boasts excellent close range capabilities without neglecting long range targets, and even carries over the E-Shield technology from its predecessor. Compared to other Ligers, this lion is quite massive, and years later is still a favored machine among pilots.

- History

    When the Republican Army realized that they didn't have enough time to develop an Organoid System dedicated machine, they turned to the Shield Liger to become their developmental base, and from that base, they created the Blade Liger. This Zoid followed their research on Zoids equipped with an Organoid System, and the result was a faster, more powerful, and more lively machine that exceeded expectation. Unfortunately, because of the stress caused to the pilot, the Blade Liger was unable to be mass produced.

- Concept Art

- Equipment Information

- 3D Dual Sensor

3D Dual Sensor: 3Dデュアルセンサー

    While the earlier Shield Liger model had a tail-mounted gun, the Blade Liger replaces this with the 3D Dual Sensor. At the moment we don't have much information on its official usage, but it likely works the same way as real life 3D Dual Sensors. Emitting wavefields to map out the surrounding terrain and create a 3D image of it.

- AZ 2-Barrel Shock Cannon

AZ 2-Barrel Shock Cannon AZ2連装ショックカノン

    This high powered cannon is mounted on the chest. It fires two shots simultaneously, in a forward direction.

- Compression Refrigerator x4

Compression Refrigerator x4 コンプリッションリフリジェレイター×4

    The leg armor at the top of each leg serves as a compression refrigerator. These large units absorb heat from the body to cool down the Blade Liger. Aside from their benefit to the Blade Liger's performance, in the anime, it vents these refrigeration units to create false heat signatures, deceiving a Stealth Viper hiding in the smoke.

- E-Shield Generator

E-Shield Generator Eシールドジェネレーター

    Like the Shield Liger, the Blade Liger possesses a powerful Energy shield. This is generated from the panels on the top and bottom of the mane. Although they're the primary generators mentioned in the stats, it's often portrayed with the white pieces of the mane lighting up as well, usually accompanied by crackles of electricity. The actual appearance of the shield varies, from the 'energy tunnel' appearance used in the anime, to the flat rippling barrier seen in the Fan Books, and even some variations in between.

    Of all the weapons on the Blade Liger, this is perhaps the most versatile. The barrier is strong enough to topple large scale Zoids, acting as a tangible wall around the Liger, but is primarily a defensive system. The shield can take numerous hits from enemy weapons, even those of decent strength, but it does have its limits. These limits are usually more than enough for the Blade Liger to enter close range, where its combat potential shines.

    This benefit is exemplified by the Blade Liger's Laser Blades passing through the sides of the barrier, thanks to the far-reaching energy charge, which allows them to slice Zoids through while the barrier is still active.

- Laser Blade x2

Laser Blade x2 レーザーブレード×2

    Blades equipped to each side of the Blade Liger. These weapons are collapsable, usually resting over the back when not in use. During deployment they extend to the side, and can even bend forward at the half way point. At the sides, however, they act similar to additional wings and improve the aerodynamics of the Blade Liger.

    During activation a gold light surrounds the blades, extending a bit further than the blade itself. Laser energy used in melee combat allows weaponry to slice through the target with much greater efficiency than it otherwise could.

- Laser Saber

Laser Saber レーザーサーベル×2

    The Blade Liger possesses two Laser Sabers (the fangs.) Both are able to generate a laser charge over the surface of the metal, which allows them to puncture enemy armor with ease. Unfortunately these don't often see use in official media.

- Multi-Blade Antenna x2

Multi-Blade Antenna x2 マルチブレードアンテナ×2

    The Multi-Blade Atenna refers to the large sweeping mane pieces on the top of the Blade Liger's head. Although we can assume they pick up signals, there's not much about their use.

- Organoid System

Organoid System: オーガノイドシステム

    Although not listed in its official equipment data, the Blade Liger still uses an Organoid System. This system overclocks the core, in a sense, resulting in improvements to the combat power, speed, and vitality of the unit. While the Empire had developed a Zoid solely on this concept, the Geno Saurer, the Republican Army didn't have the luxury of time. So, they began their research by studying OS equipped Zoids and implementing their findings into the Shield Liger base that had served them so well.

    Blade Liger is certainly capable, and isn't a disappointment for the work put forth, but the Organoid System is poorly understood. It is, after all, based on ancient technology, and there are still many parts of the system that aren't yet able to be analyzed. This leaves some complications, such as the extreme stress put on the pilot. These complications kept the Blade Liger from becoming a full-scale mass production unit.

- Pulse Laser Gun x2

Pulse Laser Gun x2 パルスレーザーガン×2

    The Pulse Laser Guns are installed to the back of the Laser Blades. This gives them an excellent range of motion that isn't seen in other Liger types, and a much needed long ranged addition to the Blade Liger. Their rapid-firing laser shots are enough to take out small to medium scale Zoids, with the potential for anti-air fire. Thanks to their small size, there seems to be no impact on the cutting ability of the blades.

- Rocket Booster

Rocket Booster ロケットブースター

    Two large booster engines replace the Shield Liger's hidden gun. When needed for use the armor on the upper back flips upwards, and the boosters extend. Thanks to the rotational arm this means they can even turn sideways, helping the heavy Zoid with difficult maneuvers on the battlefield.

- Strike Claw x4

Strike Claw x4 ストライククロー×4

    Another remodeled factor; the Strike Claws have taken on a sharper, more angular appearance from the Shield Liger. They're often dependant on blunt, percussive force. In the anime, they had extending claws much like the Liger Zero, but this wasn't shown in the Fan Books. In that medium they did occasionally glow, but it's worth noting that almost everything on the Blade Liger glowed in the fan books, so this might not be actual laser charging.

- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

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