- Blitz Tiger

* Stat Information: Based on Zoids Saga II
Unit Name: Blitz Tiger
Registration Number: ---
Height: ---
Length: 26.0 m
Weight: 125 t
Speed: 320 km/h
    Crusher Saber
    Lightning Attack
    Strike Claw x4
    Thunder Claw
    Volt Cannon
Introduction & Differences:
    The Blitz Tiger is the hero's Zoid in Zoids Saga II, the only Tiger Zoid to be the main character in a series. As the name theme might suggest it focuses on the use of electro-magnetic energy, which is discharged through the massive blades on the back and used in various other attacks.

    Blitz Tiger was developed in the future, sent back during the collapse of the time walls in Zoids Saga II. It was built specifically to maximize the power of the Zoid Core Overload System (ZOS), which meant that it was designed specifically to merge with the Organoid Pulse, who was the original Zoid to use this system, and the only one to use a "true" ZOS. With the help of both Zoids time was restored to normal and everyone was able to go back to their own worlds.

Name Notes:

    Although the Blitz Tiger is spelled this way in English games the Zoid was originally referred to as the "Britz Tiger", as it was spelled in the Zoids Saga II booklet (given as an English name). The Zoid is also referred to as the "Blitz Liger" by the voice overs of Zeru in Zoids Battle Legends.

- Media Appearances

    Book: Zoids Saga II Game Guide

    Game: Zoids Saga II / Zoids Legacy
    Game: Zoids Saga III [Fuzors]
    Game: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Game: Zoids VS. II / Zoids Battle Legends
    Game: Zoids VS. III