- Trinity Liger

Registration Number: ???
Name: Trinity Liger
Japanese: トリニティライガー
Height: ---
Length: 27.5 m
Weight: 130.7 t
Speed: 315 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Zoids Saga
Weapons: Equipment:
    Beam Gun
    Armor Claw
    Trinity Claw (Battle Legends)
    Multi Radar


    Trinity Liger is an ancient Liger type Zoid that once belonged to the kingdom of Arcadia, and often served as the flagship Zoid of Athle's battles. Although its history isn't entirely known, the Zoid has proven capable on the battlefield.


    After years the Zoid was rediscovered in ruins near the kingdom and its Zoid data was claimed in hopes of later reviving this Zoid. Upon its resurrection the Trinity Liger became the signature Zoid of the Kingdom of Arcadia, and was the hero unit of Zoids Saga I.

    It was originally designed by the winner of a custom contest and featured in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. The original design used the Liger Zero as a base but would later be (officially) customized in video games to be a unique unit unto itself.

    This unit is also one of few ligers that is designed to for multiple upgrades, able to be transformed into the Trinity Liger BA (Burning Armor) and Trinity Liger EV (Evolution), both of which would be featured in later Zoids Saga games.

Weapon Information

    Trinity Liger's weapon data changes depending on the media it's being featured in. In the original game series, Zoids Saga, the Zoid is noted to have the armored claws and Beam Gun, but its rotational mane has a series of items that can be used for assistance and offensive combat.

    In Zoids Battle Legends the Liger can pounce forward with both claws, and uses a special attack called the Trinity Claw that is used as its EX attack, and of course, is similar to the Liger Zero's Strike Laser Claw.

    The Turbine is used to increase the speed and mobility of the Liger, while the Multi Radar is used primarily for improving its accuracy against aerial opponents. In Zoids Battle Legends the side panels can fold out to act as wing-like boosters and the Liger is capable of generating an Energy Shield.

- Media Appearances

    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga I
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    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga III [Fuzors]
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
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    Game Media: Zoids Scramble [Volume 3]

    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine [February 2002]
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