Basic Mission

    The Iron Bible strives to provide guides and references for Zoids related projects. Unfortunately with as many products as this franchise has there's a lot of room for variation between products. Mistakes in reviews also do occur. If you're unsure of the validity of a statment please contact us for info!

Image Usage

    The Iron Bible prohibits use of our product photos for off-site sales use. This means that while we do allow minimal direct linking, we will not allow users of this website to copy our photos and upload for the purpose of auctions. We also ask that you not upload our images to servers such as Photobucket where you would be unable to provide proper credit and ask that if you do upload on sites like Tumblr that you link back to the source!

    Icons found in the content body of the videogames section can be used anywhere online without permission or credit. This does not include cover scans or booklet scans.

Privacy Information

    The Iron Bible uses analytics to review what pages are most active and where are traffic is coming from, etc. For example, it tells me which pages get the most hits, how many people are coming from proboards or facebook, etc. This information is not used to identify you in any way, shape, or form. I use it purely to get a general idea of the site's activity, and don't share the information reviewed with anyone. Our comments section uses Disqus, which has its own user agreement. This doesn't apply to you if you don't sign up to disqus to use the comments, though.