- Beast Liger

Registration Number: ZW25 (Lion Type)
Name: Beast Liger
Japanese: ビーストライガー
Rollout: ---
Height: 9.0 m
Length: 9.0 m
Weight: 51.6 tons
Speed: 235 km/h
    Leo Conrad
* Stat Information: Based on the Zoids Wild model kit line
Weapons: Equipment:
    Claws (Feet)
    Gold Mane Claw (Back)
    Red Mane Claw (Back)
    Roar Cannon (Mouth)
    Red Frill (Mane)
    Radiator Fin (Legs)
    Wing Tail (Tail)

- Note

    Beast Liger is a lion-type Zoid that first surfaced as part of the Zoids Wild Zero anime / model kit line. It's noted as a legendary lion with a white and red mane, and a two-stage Evo Blast technique.

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