- Command Wolf

Registration Number: RZ-009 (Wolf Type)
Name: Command Wolf
Japanese: コマンド ウルフ
Height: 7.9 m
Length: 14.7 m
Weight: 46 T
Speed: 210 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    50mm Anti-Zoid Double Barrel Beam Gun
    Electron Bite Fang (Mouth)
    Smoke Discharger x2

- Command Wolf Introduction

    Command Wolf was originally developed by the Republican Army in an attempt to roll out a high speed unit to assist in battle with the Shield Liger. The swift canine proved to be useful in the war and even far down the line would continue to see use through countless variations, many of which focused in rearming the Zoid's back mounted weapons. This allowed it to see quite a lot of real combat situations in its prime and cemented its role in future medias.

    While working with different weapon sets the Zoid's mobility is usually paramount. Rarely is it equipped with much more than a new back weapon. Of course this may not be necessary since the Zoid's Electron Bite Fangs are known to be particularly destructive in close range combat.

- Details of Design


    A minor thing, really, but in most medias the Command Wolf is featured with very sharp claws. This is a huge deviation in weapon design from the model kit and other battle story universes in which they appear to be a blunt force weapon. Kind of strange to change considering they are also hardly, if ever used in said media.

- Concept Art

- Pre-Modern Era

    Based on the Zoids Bible

Pre-History ~ ZAC 1700

    Roughly 10,000 years ago, Zoidians were in the process of preying upon and capturing Wild Zoids that lived close to their villages. Hunters of the Wind Tribe began bringing wolves on hunts, using their sense of smell and sharing their spoils. They were selectively bred for their intelligence, making them capable of following complex commands from their handlers. By ZAC 1700 these wolves were utilised as a means of transportation and defense, used in hunting, and sported in contests. They had weathered the ice age alongside their human masters, and had now become valued as members of the family.

ZAC 1920 ~ ZAC 1955

    Their first taste of large-scale war followed Guylos' unification of the impoverished Western Tribes in ZAC 1920, when he set out to seize control of the Eastern territies. The wolves fought in Zi's first large-scale battle during ZAC 1955. They would later go through the cyorgisation process, first with humans replacing their limbs for better maneuverability, then later having all but their core replaced with mechanical parts. Each of these developments included the use of weaponry to better arm these wolves for war, as the past had taught them was necessary.

    Each stage was larger than the last, achieved through the furtherment of their breeding program. For this they used a unique technology, which involved placing the cores in blast furnaces, and then raising only the largest cores to ensure that each generation furthered their size. By the fourth and final stage, they had become completely reliant on human intervention to stay alive and for the maintenance of their now mechanical bodies. It was at this final stage that they began to resemble their modern-day forms, and through the slow modification of their mechanical bodies, they became the many different types of Command Wolves we know today.

- Military History

ZAC 2099, August, Tommy Paris, Reika, Harry

    Several Command Wolves were sortied as a part of the Republic's 2nd Independent High Speed Battalion. Of this group, several pilots were named. Tommy Paris, Reika, and Harry. They were lead by Lieutenant Colonel Halford in his new age Shield Liger. The high speed battalion was instrumental in the survival of Republican soldiers in Imperial territory. Ambushing the Empire's siege units created windows for the Republic to retreat.

    Following their success they were ordered to the summit of Mount Olympus, to destroy the ancient ruins there at all cost. With the Republic retreating in the opposite direction, it was highly likely that this would be a one way trip. They were given the full support of the army on their way to the base of the mountain.

ZAC 2099, September, Tommy Paris, Reika, Harry

    Though they used their wit, traveling by night and hiding by day, half way up their climb to the summit they were discovered. The Empire's High Speed Unit, consisting of a single Saber Tiger had spotted them in the bright moonlight. It destroyed one of the Command Wolves in a single blow. To avoid shooting each other while the Tiger launched into the center of their group, the Command Wolves stood back and let the Shield Liger fight its fated rival.

ZAC 2099, October, Tommy Paris, Reika, Harry

    As soon as they arrived at the summit the High Speed Battalion stared down the target of their mission. It was a half built Death Saurer, being revitalized by the ancient technology of the Mount Olympus ruins. Every single Command Wolf in the High Speed Battallion was instantaneously vaporized as the beast roared to life. All but one. Tommy Paris remained, while the monster in front of him chased after Halford's Shield Liger. Dragging its grotesque, incomplete body along with its arms, while the core hung exposed inside its abdomen.

    Although the battle was won by Halford and his Shield Liger, it was only at great personal sacrifice. Now, the core of the Death Saurer was about to detonate, and take with it the entire summit of Mount Olympus. Tommy Paris remained. In the smoke of the battle he spotted a single Zoid returning to the field. A Double Sworder that had been running reconnaissance. Unable to lift the heavy Command Wolf, the Double Sworder instead carried away just the head, with Lieutenant Tommy Paris still safe inside the cockpit. With his survival he brought data analyzed by his Command Wolf of the ancient ruin and its technology.

- Equipment Information

- 50 mm Anti-Zoid Double Barrel Beam Gun

50 mm Anti-Zoid Double Barrel Beam Gun: 50mm対ゾイド2連装ビーム砲座

    A single gun is equipped to the standard Command Wolf, with two barrels that both fire energy beams. A seat is mounted between the guns, allowing one pilot to control the turret independently while the second focuses on driving the Zoid.

- Electron Bite Fangs

Electron Bite Fang: エレクトロンバイトファング

    This technique charges power into the fangs. When the Zoid bites down it sears through armor with a more powerful amplification than just using the fangs.
     Media use changes, from being an energy based cutter (like the Laser Sabers of Liger Zero) to actually dumping electricity into the enemy Zoid. This technique is especially dangerous, implying that the electrical use is more accurate and is sometimes portrayed to destroy Zoids from the inside out.

- Smoke Discharger X2

Smoke Discharger X2: スモークディスチャージャー×2

    The smoke dischargers deploy a huge smoke cloud that help to hide the Zoid while it escapes combat. In some medias smoke merely leaks from the barrels but in more realistic anime depictions it launches cannisters from each barrel, which bounce behind the Zoid and detonate.

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- Media Appearances

- Chaotic Century Anime

Command Wolf's most prominent media influence spawns from Chaotic Century, where it was piloted by the mercenary Irvine. Though the basic unit was later upgraded to the IS it appeared in standard form with custom colors. The Zoid also appeared in many different colors and incarnations through both Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. One of the most common was the desert colored Command Wolf.

- Guardian Force Anime

Although less famous across various medias the second primary appearance of the Command Wolf was in Zoids New Century Zero. Piloted by another mercenary, Brad Hunter, it actually lived out the remainder of its anime life with the Blitz Team, even when money was short. Similar to the IS it was upgraded part way through from the LC to AC variation, changing equipment to distinguish it from the earlier variant.

- Zoids Fuzors Anime

Once more the Command Wolf appeared as a primary character in anime media. In Zoids Fuzors it was piloted by Maskman (Helmet in the English version) and though it was similar to Brad's Command Wolf AC it broke the norm. Not only by not having permanent equipment upgrades part way through, but also by staying for the entirety of the series. Unlike the others it was not replaced, but rather, upgraded to the Command Striker via fusion.

- Zoids Manga

Many people familiar with the Chaotic Century anime may recall that Zeke, the Organoid, is named after Van's father's Zoid, a white Command Wolf also named Zeke. In the manga this Zoid makes a much bigger appearance, staying for two of the fourteen volumes. It was reawakened from its slumber atop Dan's grave in order to fight Raven's rampaging Saber Tiger. In this media the Zoid had its own unique attack, the Ragnarok Fang.

- Zoids SS Manga

The Zoids SS manga was split into partial story fragments, with a few chapters dedicated to each Zoid in the Original line. Here the Command Wolf RGC made its appearance, controlled by three different pilots working alongside Captain Zappa. They were essential in stopping the Geno Ritter from its onslaught of attacks on Federation Army military sights. Its limited ammunition made its use very tentative, however.

- Secondary Media Appearances

    Anime Media: Chaotic Century (Standard, Desert, IS Type 1, IS Type 2, Town, SM)
    Anime Media: Guardian Force (Standard, Desert, IT Type 2, AU, Town, Trial)
    Anime Media: New Century Zero (LC Brad, AC Brad, AU, MS, Desert)
    Anime Media: Zoids Fuzors (AC, Command Striker)

    Video Media: Shield Liger Commercial

    Manga Media: Chaotic Century (Zeke, RA, LC)
    Manga Media: Zoids SS (Interceptor, RGC, Zappa,)
    Manga Media: New Century Zero (AU, AC)
    Manga Media: Galaxy Quest: Planet Zi

    Book Media: Zoids Concept Art Book II (Zappa)
    Book Media: Zoids Concept Art Book III (Zappa)
    Book Media: Zoids Invasion of the Dark Army (Zappa)
    Book Media: TT Online Concept Story (Zappa)
    Book Media: Zoids Original (Zappa)

    Magazine Media: DHM December 2013
    Magazine Media: DHM November 2013
    Magazine Media: DHM September 2013
    Magazine Media: Fan Book Vol. 2
    Magazine Media: Fan Book Vol. 3
    Magazine Media: Fan Book Vol. 5

    Assorted Media: TT Banners

    Game Media: Zoids Saga I
    Game Media: Zoids Saga II
    Game Media: Zoids Saga Fuzors
    Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Game Media: Zoids VS I
    Game Media: Zoids VS II
    Game Media: Zoids VS III
    Game Media: Full Metal Crash
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble
    Game Media: Zoids: Bonds of Steel
    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 1 (IS)
    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 2 (IS)
    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 3 (Kerberos)
    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 4 (Blitzer Wolf, IS)
    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 6 (Command Wolf AC)
    Game Media: Zoids Card Colosseum: Volume 1 (Standard)
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    Game Media: Zoids Card Colosseum Second: Volume 5 (EM)
    Game Media: Zoids Card Colosseum Second: Volume 6 (Standard)
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble: Volume 1 (Standard)
    Game Media: Zoids Zi Ultimate Battle Cards (Standard, AC)

- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

- Unofficial Colors