- Awakened Wild Liger

Registration Number ZW15
Name: Awakened Wild Liger
Japanese: 覚醒ワイルドライガー
Height: 4.5 m
Length: 8.4 m
Weight: 48.0 t
Speed: 246 km/h (+41)
* Stat Information: Based on the model kits.
Weapons: Equipment:
    Fangs (Mouth)
    Gold Color Leg Claw (Feet)
    Mane Claws (Back)
    Roar Cannon (Mouth)
    Tail (Tail)
    Radiator Fins (Legs)

- Awakened Wild Liger Introduction

    The Awakened Wild Liger is a Zoid whose pilot bond has surpassed their limits. It's noted to have a significant boost in speed and a stronger than usual Wild Blast. It was based primarily on a model kit released for the Zoids Wild line.

- History

    The Awakened Wild Liger does not have a personal history, outside of the standard Wild Liger's. It wasn't featured in the anime or manga.

- Equipment Information

- Gold Color Leg Claw

Gold Color Leg Claw:

    The claws of the Awakened Wild Liger are painted a shinier gold. Although other color changes were seen (chrome blades and pearl armor), neither of these were noted in the Zoid's actual feature list. The Leg Claws are given a distinct name.

- Mane Claw

Mane Claw:

    Through the awakening process, the Wild Liger's mane claws gain additional power. The metal hardens and they're noted to create a more powerful Wild Blast than the liger would typically be capable of.

- Merchandise

Model Kits

- Featured In Media

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