- Barigator

Registration Number: RZ-003 (Crocodile Type)
Name: Barigator
Japanese: バリゲーター
Rollout: ZAC 2031
Height: 4.4 m
Length: 14.5 m
Weight: 24.3 t
Speed: 150 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    AMD 20mm Beam Gun x2 (Upper Back)
    Surface-to-Air 4 Shot Missile (Lower Back)
    Smash Up Tail (Tail)

- Barigator Introduction

    The Barigator is a crocodile-type Zoid rolled out in ZAC 2031. It remained in play for a decent amount of time due to its advantage as one of only a few amphibious units.

- Military History

ZAC 2031

    The Barigator was developed as a Zoid that could handle river crossings and landing operations, as part of the ever-expanding old world. The unit served as a vanguard during the invasion into Zenebas territory.

ZAC 2099, August

    Barigators were dispatched to fight for control of Mercurius Lake. Although it was able to intercept the Brachios, when it tried to reach close range it was quickly brought down by their bombardments.

- Equipment Information

- Bite Fangs

Bite Fangs:

    The Barigator is a crocodile, so of course its specialty is close-range combat, using the massive jaws to drag small-scale enemies beneath the waves. However, in spite of actual use in the battle story, this weapon has also sparked some fandom controversy. This is because the pilot (in the model kit, that is-) sits on the inside of the mouth, against the lower jaw. This means that when the jaw is opened, the pilot is fully exposed.

    Since the Barigator is seen using its bite anyway, even when it would kill the pilot, it's safe to assume that this is a suspension of disbelief. The model kit is smaller than you'd think, and if they gave it a roof of the mouth to support the pilot, the standard 1/72 pilot figure would be too large to fit in its head. In the Zoids universe it probably has a proper cockpit.

- AMD 20mm Beam Gun x2

AMD 20mm Beam Gun x2:

    These two basic beam guns are attached to the upper back of the Barigator. Their attachment allows them to rotate 360 degrees, and they likely fire a basic energy shot.

- Surface-to-air 4 Shot Missile

Surface-to-air 4 Shot Missile:

    Barigator is an amphibious Zoid, and it helps defend the shores and rivers against flying invaders using this weapon. The missiles are attached to the lower back, and the mounts can rotate upwards and also swivel around on the attachment. This gives it a good angle of fire.

- Smash Up Tail

Smash Up Tail:

    The final weapon of the Barigator is its Smash Up Tail. Crocodiles are well known for their powerful tails, and this weapon is the same. A strong, percussive force that can knock an enemy aside, or damage armor.

- Merchandise

Model Kits



- Featured In Media

    Book Media: Zoids Official Fan Book 1

    Game Media: Zoids Field of Rebellion