- Bamburian

Registration Number: GZ-013 (Panda Type)
Name: Bamburian
Japanese: バンブリアン
Rollout: ZAC 2042
Height: 8.3 m (Quadruped), 10.5 (Bipedal)
Length: 11.9 m
Weight: 45.6 t
Speed: 140 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    4-Barreled Anti-Aircraft Laser Gun (Upper Back)
    Bamboo Launcher (Bamboo Missile x11) (Back)
    Giant Claw x4 (Feet)
    Giant Wheel x2 (Shoulders)
    Seiryu Saber (Metal Zi) x2 (Wheels)
    Ear Radar x2 (Ears)
    Smoke Discharger x2 (Sides)

- Note

    The Bamburian is a panda-type Zoid first introduced with the Zoids Genesis series. As unusual as it is, the Bamburian made a lot of bold leaps in terms of design, and had a ton of diversity in use.