- Blade Liger KS

Registration Number RZ-028 KS
Name: Blade Liger KS (Kei Isurugi Specifications)
Japanese: ブレードライガーKS
Height: 12.2
Length: 25.9
Weight: 124 t
Speed: 305 km/h
    Kei Isurugi
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Card Game and Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ Double-barreled Shock Cannon
    Laser Blade x2
    Laser Saber x2
    Pulse Laser Gun x2
    Strike Claw x4
    3D Dual Sensor
    Completion Refrigerator x4
    E-Shield Generator x2
    Multi-blade Antenna x2
    Rear Thruster x3
    Rocket Booster

- Blade Liger KS Introduction

    Blade Liger KS, piloted by Major Kei Isurugi of the Republican Army was a stealth vehicle designed for attack by night. Not only does the Blade Liger exhibit improved stats across the board but was designed specifically for swift and silent strikes.

    The Zoid's primary use was in an attempt to request military support from a neighboring base. During her mission she was discovered by the Guylos Empire's Barrett Gatter and his new machine, the prototype Lightning Saix "BS". She attempted to flee the battle but was pursued by the faster Zoid, and the records for how this battle ended were lost.

- Media Appearances

    Book: Note Map Volume 1

    Game: Zoids VS. II / Zoids Battle Legends
    Game: Battle Card Game (Promotional sold with Note Map Volume 1)

- Blade Liger KS Color Notes

    There seems to be some indecisiveness in the color scheme of the Blade Liger KS, and to be honest, I'm not 100% convinced on the scheme we chose to go with. Most videogames make the leg armor white, but the paw armor blue. This is a little confusing when they appear the same color in the source media (card/fan books.)

    The KS joining Blade Liger in its "EVERYTHING LIGHTS UP" trope doesn't help in narrowing down its true color scheme, so we've provided several examples, including those featured in videogames. They are probably more accurate than our all-blue choices, but we had to go on instinct with this one.

* The last one is a color alternate for the default Blade Liger based on the KS.