- Zoids Model Kits

    For the time being, my model kit collection is still very small. It also seems to be accumulating Kotobukiya Zoids more than any, but I'll try hard to keep this section going, and update it at least once every couple of months or so. All of the different series that I have Zoids from will be listed below. If I happen to lack Zoids from those lines, they will be left out.

Model Kit Instructions

- Tomy Release     (Information)

- Standard Release

- Zoids BLOX

- Yuji Kaida Limited (Information)

- Various Limited Edition (Information)

- Hasbro Zoids     (Information)

- Zoids Fuzors     (Information)

- Zoids Rebirth Century     (Information)

- Monthly Zoids Graphics     (Information)

- Zoids Original     (Information)

- Modelers Spirit Series     (Information)

- Kotobukiya Zoids     (Information)

- D-Style Zoids

- High-End Master Model (Information)

- Zoids Wild     (Information)

- Unofficial     (Information)

- Customize Parts

    Zoids Customize Parts were additional weapons or replacement armors that could be equipped to a Zoid, purchased seperately from the main kit. This section is split into two categories, the motorized model CPs and the HMM model CPs. The NJR usually consisted of new weapons while the HMM model CPs usually consisted of recolored or chrome plated parts.

- Motorized Kit Customize Parts

- HMM Kit Customize Parts

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