- Liger Zero Panzer

Registration Number: RZ-041 CP-21
Name: Liger Zero Panzer (German: Tank)
Japanese: ライガーゼロパンツァー
Height: 9.7 m
Length: 23.3 m
Weight: 145 T
Speed: 285 km/h
    Bit Cloud
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 2-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2 (Lower back)
    AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2 (Front of front legs)
    AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2 (Cheeks)
    AZ 3-Shot Grenade Launcher (Chest)
    AZ 3-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2 (Tops of rear legs)
    AZ 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x4 (Back, Sides, Tail)
    Hybrid Cannon x2 (Back)
        - AZ 216 mm Railgun (Top barrel)
        - AZ 108 mm Beam Gun (Bottom barrel)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)*
    Strike Laser Claw x4 (Paws)*
    Vulcan Pod x2 (Sides of Tail)

    *Not listed in the equipment, but still available.
    Aero Fairing x4 (Cheeks)
    Multi-Blade Antenna x2 (Head)

- Liger Zero Panzer Introduction

    The Zero Panzer is a heavy armament CAS (Changing Armor System) developed for the Helic Republic's Liger Zero. While the armor has a notable decrease in speed it's noted for excessive bombardment potential, with most of the body being weighed down with homing projectiles.

- Details of Design

Variable Speed

    In the anime the Liger Zero Panzer isn't capable of stable walking. This is coupled with an extreme overheating issue related to the body not being able to carry the immense weight. However, in most other media the Panzer is more than capable of running. Perhaps not as fast as the other Zero types, but it's never weighed down like a rock. This is how the Panzer should be, in its basic form. Theoretically the sluggish nature of the anime Panzer could be because of its increased number of missiles and weapons.

Original Concept Appearance

    The Liger Zero Panzer was shown in the Zoids New Century /ZERO opening at its conceptual stage. This lead to a lot of misinformation about the 'secret' fourth CAS of the Liger Zero and given a multitude of names among fans. This Zoid was still the Panzer, but based on an earlier concept art. Most basic shapes of its armor is the same, especially if you slim down the Liger's head, but the alternate colors and proportions make it look more different than it is. You can read about this alternate here.

- Equipment Information

- Aero Fairing x4

Aero Fairing x4: エアロフェアリング×4

    Like many ligers, the Panzer possesses fairings on the cheeks. These exist to reduce drag and improve general aerodynamics. In the case of a Zoid like the Liger, it may reduce the amount of drag generated by the bulky guns, improving the overall speed. Unfortunately, Panzer's weight still makes it considerably slower.

- AZ 2-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2

AZ 2-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2: AZ2連装マイクロホーミングミサイルポッド×2

    Most of Liger Zero Panzer's payload consists of homing missiles. As the name may imply, they lock onto the enemy and track their movements, greatly improving the odds of landing a hit. Two of these pods are located on the lower back and connected by additional armor. Each pod has two missiles inside. In the anime, the Panzer's payload is dramatically increased (which may also account for the devastating weight overload.) If the size is proportional in the anime, these likely carry 6 missiles in that version.

- AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2

AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2: AZ2連装ミサイルポッド×2

    The first set of the Anti-Zoid 2-Shot Missile Pods is attached to the front of the front leg armor. The silver pieces, to be specific, which share the same appearance as the standard (not micro-homing) missiles on the face. However, in the anime, the green box opens up to reveal 2 Anti-Zoid Micro-homing missiles. The Panzer in the battle story doesn't use these, for some reason.

- AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2

AZ 2-Shot Missile Pod x2: AZ2連装ミサイルポッド×2

    Two more anti-Zoid missile pods are located on the head, attached to the cheeks. They hold 2 shots each, for a total of 4. These aren't given a specific micro-homing property like the other missiles. The same type is also attached to the front legs (listed above.)

- AZ 3-Shot Grenade Launcher

AZ 3-Shot Grenade Launcher: AZ3連装グレネードランチャー

    The Grenade Launcher is attached to the chest. As the name implies, it has 3 shots. These explosive rounds are launched at an enemy and detonate on impact, although they don't get any notable use in the franchise.

- AZ 3-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2

AZ 3-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2: AZ3連装マイクロホーミングミサイルポッド×2

    One of these missile pods is located on the top of both back legs. The hatch flips open backwards, revealing a set of missiles that are launched directly into the air. From there, they lock on to an enemy and trace their movements across the battlefield. The anime dramatically increases the number of missiles carried, from 3 to 8, for a total of 16 in all.

- AZ 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x4

AZ 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x1: AZ6連装マイクロホーミングミサイルポッド×4

    The first of four different 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pods. This one is located on the upper back. The hatch is located on the front of the box and flips upwards, firing the missiles in a slightly elevated forward direction. In the anime, this box contains twice as many projectiles; 12 in all.

AZ 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x2:

    The second and third pods are located on the sides. These take the place of the usual stabilizers, blade arms, etc. They extend directly outwards and contain six missiles, which normally tucked against the sides, are now able to fire directly into the air. The number of missiles is the same between the model kit and the anime.

AZ 6-Shot Micro-homing Missile Pod x1:

    The fourth and final 6-shot Micro-homing Missile Pod is located in the tail. The hinge of the box lid is attached at the base of the tail, and flips up towards the body. The missiles are then able to fire directly into the air, although theoretically, the Panzer could save some time by simply tilting the tail towards the enemy.

- Hybrid Cannon x2

Hybrid Cannon x2: ハイブリッドキャノン×2

    The massive cannons on the back are the Panzer's most notable weapon. However, when used it's almost always displayed firing 2 energy beams of similar speed and proportion. In actuality, the top barrel is an Anti-Zoid 216mm Railgun. These are powerful weapons that use electromagnetic force to launch high velocity projectiles at the enemy, relying on the sheer force generated by the speed to devastate the target. In doing so, a railgun will deal substantially more damage than ammunition of comparable size, fired from a regular gun.

    They do however have their limitations, as rail guns degrade quickly and constantly demand replacement parts for extended use. While they can continue to be used on the field, the power will decrease as the rails destabalize. Extended use has been reported, but its never been confirmed that these consecutive shots are as strong as the previous ones. Just because the weapon is technically functional, doesn't mean that it's as effective.

    The barrel on the bottom, while smaller, is still useful. It's an Anti-Zoid 108mm Beam Gun, and like many energy based weapons in the Zoids universe, would be excellent for boring through armor.

- Laser Fang

Laser Fang: レーザーファング

    While this weapon isn't listed in the Liger Zero Panzer's equipment list, it should still be available for use. Other armors in the past have retained their laser functionality regardless of an armor swap, as the ability seems to be innate to the standard Zero body. The fangs are straight forward. They charge with an energy coating that allows them to puncture armor with ease.

- Multi-Blade Antenna

Multi-Blade Antenna: マルチブレードアンテナ×2

    The Liger Zero Panzer is equipped with two Multi-Blade Antennas. These are the long poles attached to the side of the head, integrated as a part of the mane. The antennae would theoretically be used to transmit and receive radio signals. Zoids equipped with these would be able to establish communication from further out in the field, although we're not sure if there's a documented use of them in the battle story.

- Strike Laser Claw

Strike Laser Claw: ストライクレーザークロー×4

    Just like the Laser Fangs, the Panzer retains the use of its Strike Laser Claws, even if they're not mentioned in the CAS equipment. This energy attack improves the cutting capability of the claws so that they can slice through enemy armor, with much greater efficiency than standard Zoids. In the case of the Panzer, some of the media (Full Metal Crash) treat the claws as a heavy downward smack, which is visually striking and sets the Panzer's SLC apart.

- Vulcan Pod x2

Vulcan Pod x2: バルカンポッド×2

    The Vulcan Pods are located on the sides of the tail. They never actually see use in the anime, but we can assume that they're the same as other vulcan weapons: high speed rounds fired in rapid succession.

- Concept Art

- Merchandise

Model Kits

    - Tomy: Liger Zero Panzer CAS
    - Tomy: Liger Zero Panzer CAS (Chrome)
    - Academy: Liger Zero Panzer Set


- Featured In Media

Zoids New Century /Zero (Anime)

    Panzer's primary media appearance is in the Zoids New Century /Zero anime. For quite a long time the Panzer was the mysterious third unit, not making its true debute until Episode 19. Unlike other media, the Panzer in the anime is so weighed down by its armor that it can't even move around the battlefield. Instead it has to stay stationary and rely on its weapons for self defense. The Panzer only sees a couple uses throughout the entire series.

Zoids New Century (Manga)

    The Panzer also makes a brief appearance in the New Century manga, though its role is not nearly as important. Here the Panzer is launched to fight the Berserk Fury, but is distracted by rubble falling towards the Hover Cargo. The Panzer uses the Burning Big Bang to protect the cargo unit, then jettisons the armor for the remainder of the manga.

Secondary Media Appearances

    Manga: Zoids Web Comic (Liger Zero Panzer: Cold District Spec.)

    Book Media: Zoids Fan Book 3

    Game Media: Zoids Saga I
    Game Media: Zoids Saga II / Zoids Legacy
    Game Media: Zoids Saga Fuzors
    Game Media: Zoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia
    Game Media: Zoids VS I
    Game Media: Zoids VS II
    Game Media: Zoids VS II
    Game Media: Zoids: Bonds of Steel
    Game Media: Zoids: Field of Rebellion
    Game Media: Zoids Infinity
    Game Media: Zoids Tactics
    Game Media: Zoids Full Metal Crash