- Liger Zero Panzer [Prototype]

Registration Number: RZ-041 CP-21
Name: Liger Zero Panzer (German: Tank)
Japanese: ライガーゼロパンツアー
Height: 9.7 m
Length: 23.3 m
Weight: 145 T
Speed: 285 km/h
    Bit Cloud
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 2 Shot Missile Pod x2 (Face)
    AZ 2 Shot Missile Pod x2 (Shoulders, Front)
    AZ 2 Shot Micro Homing Missile Pod x2 (Lower Back)
    AZ 3 Shot Grenade Launcher x1 (Chest)
    AZ 3 Shot Micro Homing Missile Pod x2 (Rear Legs, Top)
    AZ 6 Shot Micro Homing Missile Pod x4 (Upper Back)
    Hybrid Cannon x2 (Back)
        - AZ 216 mm Railgun
        - AZ 108 mm Beam Gun
    Laser Fangs (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claws x4
    Vulcan Pod x2 (Tail)

    Aero Fairing x4 (Face)
    Multi-Blade Antenna (Head)

- Liger Zero Panzer [Prototype]

    This is a CAS that has caused a lot of confusion. It first appeared in the opening scene for New Century Zero (Japan opening only.) Here it replaced the green Panzer unit that we all knew from the show. It's not surprising that in a time where Japanese media was not easily accessible that it sparked an enormous amount of fan speculation.

    A name it became most known by was the "Blaze Unit" and the theories ran rampant for what this Liger actually was. Anything from a secret CAS to an evolution, or even a combination of all the original armor units. The reality is that it's just a prototype. While the head features some modified designs the armor is actually strikingly close in aesthetic to the Panzer, just stretched and exagerated.

Concept Art

    With the Zoid's popularity and pondering it's no surprise that it made a second appearance in the Zoids Official Fan Book 2. Here the Panzer profile was printed with a sketch (seen right) of the prototype armor. It included additional tail guns that weren't quite realized in their true form in the show or model kits. Separated tail guns of a different design would later appear on the HMM Liger Zero Panzer.

    * We colored the index image on assumed colors from the NC0 screenshot. They may not be entirely accurate to the Zoid as there is not enough source material to reference the body colors.