- Tyranno Liger

Registration Number: ???
Name: Tyranno Liger
Japanese: ティラノライガー
Rollout: ???
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Smack Zoids
None None

- Tyranno Liger Introduction

    Tyranno Liger was mentioned in Smack Zoids! B-Part, in the February issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, 2002. It didn't receive any lore information like the other concepts, but bares a resemblance to the Murasame Liger. According to the chart, it was a future development of the Ultimate Liger (an early concept for the naked Liger Zero.)

- Featured in Media

    Smack Zoids! B-Part (Dengeki Hobby Magazine, February 2002)