- Liger Zero RD

Registration Number: RZ-041 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Zero RD
    * Liger Zero RD is not an official name.
Japanese: ライガーゼロ
Height: 8.3 m
Length: 24.0 m
Weight: 85.0 t
Speed: 307 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 108 mm High Density Beam Gun (Tail)
    AZ 208 mm 2 Barrel Shock Cannon x1 (Chest)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4 (Paws)
    Downforce Stabilizer x2 (Sides)
    Ion Turbo Booster x2 (Back)

- Liger Zero RD Introduction

    RD's Liger Zero is primarily featured in the Zoids Fuzors anime. While it seems to be mostly the same as a standard Liger Zero, by the time of fuzors it's considered a "classic" but generally undesired Zoid.

- Details of Design

- Pure White Canopy

    RD's Liger Zero is distinguished from others by the pure white head armor. Normally, Liger Zero has a black band across the top of the head, which wraps around the ears.

    This white canopy version only made it into the model kit series through the Liger Zero Phoenix & Liger Zero Falcon of the Fuzors line. Both of these featured the white, unpainted canopy.

- Gallery


- Equipment Information

    Please see the main Liger Zero article for equipment information.

- Featured In Media

Zoids Fuzors

    RD's Liger Zero is primarily featured in Zoids Fuzors. Unlike Zeros of the past, this Liger wasn't seen as anything special. Not until it got a fuzor partner (Fire Phoenix.) It was known for acting out on its own, something quite common for zeros, and ultimately became known as the "Alpha Zoid" after finding the Jet Falcon. This was the Zoid that RD had searched for all of his life, and it'd been under his nose the whole time.

- Notable Variations