- Rapidly Wolf

Registration Number: ???
Name: Rapidly Wolf
Japanese: ラビドリーウルフ
Rollout: ???
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Smack Zoids
Weapons: Equipment:
    Dual Sniper Rifle (Back)
    Electron Bite Fangs (Mouth)
    Electron Strike Claws x4 (Paws)
    Double-barrel Multi Discharger x2 (Lower Back)

- Rapidly Wolf Introduction

    Rapidly Wolf appeared in Smack Zoids! B-Part, in the January 2002 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It's an early concept of the König Wolf, featuring the DSR and possibly being the first appearance of this configuration to give it a name (without the missiles.)

- History

    Developed from the earlier Proto Wolf, the Rapidly Wolf was more combat oriented. Unfortunately, with its basic design developed directly from the Command Wolf, it had numerous problems regarding its strength and augmentability. It would later be developed into the Proto König Wolf, thanks to research contributions from the Silver Fang project.

- Featured in Media

    Smack Zoids! B-Part (Dengeki Hobby Magazine, January 2002)