- Atrocious Wolf

Registration Number: ???
Name: Atrocious Wolf
Japanese: アトロシャスウルフ
Rollout: ???
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Smack Zoids
Weapons: Equipment:
Weapon names are not official
    * Approximated from Command Wolf

    3-Barrel Cannon (Chest)
    Cutter Blades (Back)
    Laser Cannons (Cutter Blades)
    Tail Fang

- Atrocious Wolf Introduction

    Atrocious Wolf appeared in Smack Zoids! B-Part, in the January 2002 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. This was the first step towards a true three-headed canine Zoid, with its design almost resembling the Shadow Fox. By switching modes, it can switch into a three-headed, three-tailed cerberus form. This resulted in too much strain for the Central Wolf-type core to handle.

- History

    Atrocious Wolf was developed from the Powered Wolf. During its development they wanted to keep the all-purpose nature of the Command Wolf in mind. They took the route of concealing its weaponry, although the body itself was still fragile. Unfortunately, the heavy weight of the hidden weaponry resulted in additional strain on the Zoid Core, and the Atrocious Wolf was thus found to have a shorter lifespan than normal, which made it unfit for practical use on the battlefield. Development was then halted.

- Featured in Media

    Smack Zoids! B-Part (Dengeki Hobby Magazine, January 2002)