- Dark Spiner Zerstoerer

* Stat Information: Based on Dark Spiner
Name: Zerstoerer (German: Destroyer)
Specified Unit: Dark Spiner
Actual Unit: Dark Spiner
Height: 16.6 m
Length: 22.3 m
Weight: 118 t
Speed: 240 km/h
    144 Machine Gun x2
    Double Barrelled Cannon x2
    Electron Fang
    Strike Laser Claw
    Strike Smash Tail
    Jamming Blade Array
Introduction & Differences:
    Zerstoerer is a Dark Spiner that is featured in Zoids Cyber Drive. This Dark Spiner features an odd olive green, gold, and red color scheme with a purple-ish frame and orange eyes.

    It is noted that Zerstoerer is also capable of merging with a Killer Dome that shares a similar color scheme.

Name Notes:

    It does not specify names very clearly. The Killer Dome may be called the Killer Dome Zerstoerer, but this name is given on the image that shows the two combined (instead of Killer "Spiner" Zerstoerer.) There is not an image of the Killer Dome separately, so it could be referring to the Dome specifically.