- Zoids Miniatures

    While we have a separate section for Zoids Action Figures, this section is specifically dedicated to miniature figures. Things to the key of gachapons, not just smaller versions of kits or figures. Anything that's made into a keychain will be put into the Assorted section.

- Zoids Collection

    -001 Liger Zero
    -002 Liger Zero Schneider
    -003 Liger Zero Jager
    -004 Lightning Saix
    -005 Death Stinger
    -006 Elephander

- Metal BLOX Zoids

     These small kits were a standard release in Japan, sold in cartons of roughly 20 Zoids per carton. There are six of them to collect, which, unfortunately, does not make up the entire two 'intro' teams.

     Metal BLOX Zoids

- Zoids Collection: Battle Card Game

These figures often mirror the Zoids Collection molds, but are released as solid blue (Republic Zoids), solid red (Empire Zoids), or clear (rare chase figures.) They're quite rare, and came in the original boosters on soft rubber sprues.

    - Battle Card Game Figures

- Zoids Collection (Zoids Gachapon)

Set 1:
    Blade Liger
    Geno Saurer
    Iron Kong
    Saber Tiger
Set 2:
    Dark Horn
    Geno Breaker
    Shield Liger
    Storm Sworder
Set 3:
    Death Saurer
    Death Stinger
    Hammer Head
    Liger Zero
Set 4:
    + Gurantula
    Berserk Furher
    Liger Zero Jager
    Liger Zero X
    + Molga

Set 5:
    Hel Digunner
    King Liger
    Konig Wolf
    Liger Zero Panzer
    Liger Zero Schneider
    Red Horn
Set 6:
    Berserk Furher (Naked)
    + Furolesios
    Gil Vader
    Godos (+ Base)
    Iguan (+ Base)
    Liger Zero (Naked)
    Mad Thunder
    + Sinker
Set 7:
    Battle Cougar
    + Gator
    + Elephanthus
    Great Sabre
    Gul Tiger
    Trinity Liger
    Zeek Dober
    Z-Knight (Marine Kaiser)
Set 8:
    Command Wolf
    Command Wolf IS
    Gojulas MK-II
    Helcat (Clear)
    Iron Kong MK-II
    Lightning Saix
    Shadow Fox
    Zabat (Folded, Normal)
    Z Knight (Zerros)

Set 9:
    Dark Spiner
    Geno Hydra
    Hound Soldier
    Killer Dome
    + Zatton
    King Gojulas
    + Pegasuros
Set 10:
    Blade Liger
    Blitz Tiger
    Dark Horn
    Geno Breaker
    Geno Saurer
    Geno Saurer RS
    Gordos White
    Gustav MS
    Gustav White
    Iron Kong
    Redler (Red)
    Saber Tiger
    Saber Tiger TS
    Shield Liger
    Shield Liger (White)
    Storm Sworder
    Storm Sworder SSS
    Z Knight (Eaglehead)
Set 11:
    Black Rhimos
    Buster Eagle
    + Hidocker
    Gojulas Giga
    Quad Liger
    + Saicurtis
    Z Knight (Flamesol)
    Death Stinger (Clear, Colored)
    Liger Zero (Silver)
    Liger Zero (Keychain)