- Zoids Miniatures

    There's quite a few of these little guys floating around, but oddly, they're actually a few sets that are quite hard to come by. In fact, I'd even say there are some sets that are just ridiculously more common, in spite of release numbers. For the most part, these gachapons were released as sets. There were around 11 sets in all, but there were also a few sets that were not related/attached to these main series. Such examples are the coca cola Zoids, which were tiny gachapon sized figures, but were released on a keychain to promote the Coca Cola company.

- Main Gachapon Series

    -Set 1
    -Set 2
    -Set 3
    -Set 4
    -Set 5
    -Set 6
    -Set 7
    -Set 8
    -Set 9
    -Set 10
    -Set 11

- Zoids Collection

    -001 Liger Zero
    -002 Liger Zero Schneider
    -003 Liger Zero Jager
    -004 Lightning Saix
    -005 Death Stinger
    -006 Elephander

- Metal BLOX Zoids

     These small kits were a standard release in Japan, sold in cartons of roughly 20 Zoids per carton. There are six of them to collect, which, unfortunately, does not make up the entire two 'intro' teams.

     Metal BLOX Zoids

- Others

    - Battle Card Game Figures