- Saber Tiger

Registration Number: EZ-016 (Tiger Type)
Name: Saber Tiger
Japanese: セイバータイガー
Rollout: ZAC 2036
Height: 15.6 m
Length: 9.1 m
Weight: 78.0 t
Speed: 240 km/h
    Stephan Scorzeny
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2 (Shoulders)
    Anti-Zoid 3-Barrel Impact Cannon (Chest)
    Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun (Back)
    Killer Saber x2 (Fangs)
    Small-Caliber Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun (Chest)
    Strike Claw x4 (Claws)
    Surface-to-surface Missile Pod (Back)
    TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2 (Tail)
    Hybrid Sensor Unit (Antenna on back gun)
    Infrared Laser Sensor (Black box on chest gun)

- Saber Tiger Introduction

    The Saber Tiger was the first large-scale Zoid that specialized in high speed combat. Because of its sheer physical strength and speed it was a Zoid that terrified Republican soldiers. This fear was so profound that even after 60 years the Republic still instructed units who encountered a Saber Tiger to retreat and seek the assistance of air reinforcements.

- Details of Design

Remodeled For The New War

    Following the Old War, some Zoids had to be updated to remain relevant on the battlefield. This became true of the Sabre Tiger after it was dethroned as the fastest large scale Zoid by the Shield Liger. During that time it was upgraded with additional equipment, with increased output and additional cooling systems, becoming the Great Sabre. It was this base model that was later reused by the Guylos Empire as the newly revived "Saber Tiger", a powerful beast that traveled 40 km faster than its Old War counterpart.

    This is also why you'll see mentions of both a "Sabre" Tiger and a "Saber" Tiger. Sabre refers to the model used during the old war. Saber Tiger is the new beast used around ZAC 2099.

- Concept Art

- Military History

ZAC 2099, September, Pilot Stephen Scorzeny's Saber Tiger

    In ZAC 2099, the Imperial High Speed Unit was directed to Mount Olympus at the direct request of the Imperial regent, Gunther Prozen. Instructed to stop the Republican unit heading towards the summit, Stephan Scorzeny lead his Saber Tiger directly into battle. Even fighting by moonlight on rocky terrain he exhibited keen skills as a pilot, outmaneuvering all enemies, taking out one Command Wolf and putting up a considerable fight against L.C. Halford's Shield Liger.

    Unfortunately, he underestimated the power of the Shield Liger's energy shield. All simulations that he had run prior to the battle were based on data from the old war. The actual power of the Energy Shield far exceeded that data. The Saber Tiger was defeated, but Stephan's efforts allowed the ruins at the summit to fall into the hands of the Guylos Empire. Win or lose, he had accomplished his mission.

- Equipment Information

- AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2

AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2: AEZ20mmビームガン×2

    Energy based weapons placed on the sides of the Saber Tiger's upper back. Due to their placement their range of motion isn't quite as good as the other weapons, but they still provide support fire.

- Anti-Zoid 3-Barrel Impact Cannon

Anti-Zoid 3-Barrel Impact Cannon: 対ゾイド3連衝撃砲

    The 3-Barrel Impact Cannon is attached to the Saber Tiger's chest. It fires three heavy artillery rounds. Aside from that, it also includes two additional equipment items, the Small-Caliber Anti-Zoid Laser Machinegune and the Infrared Laser Sensor. In many iterations, such as the anime, these weapons are excluded.

- Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun

Anti-Zoid 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun: 対ゾイド30mm2連装ビーム砲

    The 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun is seemingly Saber Tiger's most powerful gun, utilized in most media iterations. Like the Impact Cannon it houses multiple equipment items surrounding it, and acts as a swiveling turret. This weapon fires two simultaneous energy bullets. At close range these bullets have enough power to down even a large scale Zoid like the Shield Liger. Its attachment allows for a 360 rotation.

- Composite Sensor Unit

Composite Sensor Unit: 複合センサーユニット

    A silver antenna affixed to the side of the 30mm 2-barrel Beam Gun. The material we've covered so far doesn't go into detail about the capabilities of the Hybrid Sensor. Its peg attachment does allow it to rotate forwards and backwards, though it's usually displayed upright.

- Infrared Laser Sensor

Infrared Laser Sensor: 赤外線レーザーサーチャー

    A small black box attached to the bottom of the Impact Cannon. This equipment is likely used in the same manner as real life laser sensors, detecting distance between the user and the targeted object. This could be used to more accurately target an enemy, or determine how much time there is to react.

- Killer Saber x2

Killer Saber x2: キラーサーベル×2

    The Killer Sabers, a name given to the two large fangs of the Saber Tiger. These weapons are one of its primary killing moves. When in use they glow with a faint, eerie blue, and puncture deep into enemy armor. This quality seems very similar to Laser Sabers seen in the liger species. The energy charge is rarely featured outside of the battle story.

- Small-Caliber Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun

Small-Caliber Anti-Zoid Laser Machine Gun: 小口径対ゾイドレーザー機銃

    The second item attached to the bottom of the Impact Cannon. This silver barrel extends quite far in front of the Tiger's chest, and as the name implies, provides automatic fire against low set Zoids. The weapon can swivel left and right.

- Strike Claw x4

Strike Claw x4: ストライククロー×4

    Saber Tiger's primary close range weapon. Although the Killer Sabers are dangerous in their own right, there's no shortage of media that depicts the Saber Tiger beating the daylights out of enemies with its claws alone. To a close range Zoid they're a heavy, dense weapon, but there's also electromagnetic energy coursing through the claws.

- Surface-to-surface Missile Pod

Surface-to-surface Missile Pod: 地対地ミサイルポッド

    A three shot missile pod stacked on top of the 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Gun. This weapon doesn't have much ammunition, but has the advantage of swiveling 360 degrees. With this setup the Saber Tiger could fire in at least two directions with the back turret alone.

- TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2

TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2: TEZ20mmリニアレーザーガン×2

    Large laser guns attached to the tail. Although they don't often see use it's quite rare for Zoids to have weaponry covering their rear, so they're undoubtedly useful. The guns fire laser energy, and can rotate straight up or down.

- Merchandise

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- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

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- Weapon Variation

    Normally when a Zoid has equipment differentiations, we'd consider it a separate variation. The Saber Tiger equipment seems fleeting in most media, so we've decided to just keep all of these guys here. This section is for variations that decide to drop most of the secondary guns, and use mostly the one on the back.

- Melee Variation

    This section will be for media that depicts the Zoid without any of its additional equipment, only the chest cannons.