- Ankyrox

Registration Number: ZW21 (Ankylosaurus Type Type)
Name: Ankyrox
Japanese: アンキロックス
Rollout: ---
Height: 2.6 m
Length: 9.6 m
Weight: 40.0 tons
Speed: 151 km/h
    Avocado (Zoids Wild)
* Stat Information: Based on the Zoids Wild box
Weapons: Equipment:
    Basher Bone (Tail)
    Head Spike (Head)
    Mace Tail (Tail)
    Rock Back (Back)
    Wing Rib (Ribs)

- Note

    The Ankyrox is an ankylosaurus-type Zoid introduced in Zoids Wild. It's noted to use the unique Wing Ribs to defend its sides while attacking with its tail, and though slow, is heavily armored.