- Shield Liger

Registration Number: RZ-007 (Lion Type)
Name: Shield Liger
Japanese: シールドライガー
Rollout: ZAC 2042
Height: 21.6 m
Length: 9.0 m
Weight: 92.0 t
Speed: 250 km/h
    Bang Freiheit  (Shield Liger BS)
    Leon Toros  (Shield Liger LS)
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AMD 2 Barrel 20mm Beam Gun (Upper Back)
    Anti-Zoid 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Gun (Tail)
    Anti-Zoid Triple Shock Cannon (Chest)
    Folding Missile Pod x2 (Sides)
    Laser Saber x2 (Mouth)
    Strike Claw x4 (Paws)
    Energy Shield Generator (Top and bottom of mane)

- Shield Liger Introduction

    The Shield Liger is a large-scale Zoid developed to combat the Saber Tiger, whose size and incredible speed for the era made it one of the most feared Zoids among Republican soldiers. Although it would later be succeeded by ligers with similar design schemes, such as the Blade Liger, it saw use through all facets of the franchise, both in-universe and in real world products.

- Details of Design

Integrated Weapon Design

    Shield Liger achieved its excellent speed by integrating weapons into its body. This broke a long standing design standard of externally placed weapons, and allowed for dramatic improvements in the aerodynamics of the Zoid. This included missiles neatly folded away in the sides, a beam gun tucked under the back, and E-Shield generators that were embedded as a part of the mane. With that, along with help from additional coolers inside the body, the Shield Liger was able to surpass the Saber Tiger in raw speed. One flaw of this concept is noted (in Official Fan Book 1) to be that while the weapons are tucked away at high speeds the Shield Liger's balance suffers.

Future Concepts

    While deployment shifted in favor of other liger-type Zoids, the design concept of the Shield Liger was still heavily considered by the republic. In an article of Smack Zoids! B-Part, from Dengeki Hobby Magazine, it's mentioned that the Republic had conceptualized a Shield unit for the Liger Zero. Development of this armor was scrapped when Dr. Tacker became focused on developing a surprise attack unit instead. While this CAS never came to fruition, the Shield Liger undeniably contributed to the future of Liger Zoids. Most notably to the Blade Liger.

- Concept Art

- Military History

ZAC 2099, August, Pilot L.C. Halford's Shield Liger

    At this time the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic were vying for control of Mercurius Lake, but the Empire outnumbered the Republic 3 to 1. Unable to make up that difference the Republic lost, and within one week Mercurius Lake fell under Imperial control. Not content with their landslide victory, the Empire sought to destroy every single Zoid under Republican control. Their goal, to further increase the difference in military strength between the two nations. To accomplish this they arranged siege missions to cut off every path of escape, cornering survivors of the battle. However, one by one these siege units disappeared; destroyed before they could even call for help.

    This turned out to be the work of the Shield Liger. Though the Empire knew to be cautious of this Zoid, they only had outdated field data from the old war to work with. Even the Moving Fortress, the Red Horn failed to hold it back. One notable unit, the Republic's 2nd Independent High Speed Battalion consisted of several Command Wolves and a Shield Liger piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Halford. Their unit fought through their enemies and headed for Mercurius Lake.

    They had been given strict orders to reach the summit, and aware that the base would be difficult to control, they were to instead destroy the ancient ruins at all cost. Halford knew what this meant. He knew that he and his unit would likely not be returning. They were given the full support of the Republican Army.

ZAC 2099, September, Pilot L.C. Halford's Shield Liger

    With the support of the Republican Army, the High Speed Battalion arrived at Mount Olympus. They traveled by night, and hid among the rocks during the day. At 4,000 meters, half way through their journey, they lost their first wolf to the Imperial High Speed Unit. It consisted of a single Saber Tiger, piloted by Stephan Scorzeny. He drove his Saber Tiger into the center of the group, creating confusion. Halford chose to confront him alone to minimize loss, and though his Liger took damage, the energy shield proved far stronger than the one from the old war. He was able to win in spite of the Liger's lacking agility, and his unit moved on.

ZAC 2099, October, Pilot L.C. Halford's Shield Liger

    Halford's unit arrived at the summit of Mount Olympus, where they discovered the ancient ruins, and the monster inside. A half constructed Death Saurer was being revived by the ruin's ancient technology, missing the lower half of its body. Even without a pilot the beast awoke, destroying its own allies and attacking the Republic's High Speed Battalion. Though Halford tried to defend himself with the Energy Shield, his Liger lost half of its body to the Charged Particle Gun. His Zoid would soon die.

    Driven by pure instinct and the knowledge of what was at stake, Halford's liger rose. It took advantage of the Death Saurer's collapse, a result of its incomplete body creating a backflow of energy, and closed its fangs around the exposed Zoid Core. Fiercely struggling, the Death Saurer crushed the liger's cockpit, but it refused to let go. With its last breath, Halford's Shield Liger crushed the Death Saurer's Zoid core. The subsequent detonation of that core consumed all of Mount Olympus' summit, including the base and ancient ruins. A single survivor escaped, Lieutenant Tommy Paris, who brought with him the cockpit of his Command Wolf and data of the ancient ruins.

- Equipment Information

- AMD 2 Barrel 20mm Beam Gun

AMD 2 Barrel 20mm Beam Gun: AMD2連装20mmビーム砲

    The 20mm Beam Gun is the first of several equipment items built into the Shield Liger's body. A design concept meant to improve aerodynamics. In this case, the weapon is tucked away beneath the blue armor on the back. This armor can flip up, towards the head, and the gun can expand to rest neatly between the grooves at the end of the armor plate. Not only does it have a wide range of up and down movement, but a full 360 degree rotation. It's one of the best articulated weapons from earlier war era Zoids.

- Anti-Zoid 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Gun

Anti-Zoid 30mm 2 Barrel Beam Gun: 対ゾイド30mm2連装ビーム

    An energy based beam gun attached to the tail. It retains a full 360 horizontal rotation, but this is rarely, if ever depicted in media. Most often it is stationary, pointing in the same direction as the tail tuft. The two barrels allow for two shots to be fired simultaneously.

- Anti-Zoid Triple Shock Cannon:

Anti-Zoid Triple Shock Cannon: 対ゾイド3連衝撃砲

    This refers to the three barrel cannon under the Shield Liger's chest. It's a heavy artillery weapon that fires three consecutive shots at the enemy. This is almost always portrayed firing one at a time, at least in video media.

- Energy Shield Generator

Energy Shield Generator: エネルギーシールド発生装置

    The upgrade from which Shield Liger derives its name. Oddly, in spite of this, the E-Shield is absent from the Shield Liger's official stats. There's no denying that it was one, it's just not listed. The shield activates by generating panels all around the Shield Liger's mane. This is noted to be the top and bottom expandable mane pieces, but is often portrayed with the sides of the mane lighting up as well. Upon activation, the shield generates a field around the Zoid where space is distorted, causing shots fired at it to redirect in other directions. Shield Ligers from the old war don't have the same shield power that modern day Shield Ligers have.

    The anime has its own way of portraying energy shields. Instead of a rippling effect, the shield shows as a physical barrier between the Zoid and its enemy. In this portrayal, E Shields can be deactivated by ramming them into another E Shield, causing them both to cancel after a short period of time. A more deadly effect is that any Zoid inside the field at the time of activation will be torn apart, like Raven's Saber Tiger RS.

- Folding Missile Pod x2

Folding Missile Pod x2: 展開式ミサイルポッド×2

    While side weapons aren't uncommon to Zoids, these are designed to fold into the Shield Liger's side, sitting inside grooves on the back. At high speeds this can cause balance issues, but improves the Zoid's speed. For use, they extend straight out to either side. Each pod has 8 missiles, for a total of 16 shots.

- Laser Saber x2

Laser Saber x2: レーザーサーベル×2

    Laser equipment is superior to standard weaponry by far. Shield Liger possesses this equipment installed to the fangs, causing them to glow with golden energy. With this, their fangs pierce enemy armor with ease. In the Shield Liger's case, all four of the canines charge during use.

- Strike Claw x4

Strike Claw x4: ストライククロー×4

    Shield Liger's claws, though blunted, are quite dense and strong. Though they're not laser equipment, they are electromagnetic, meaning they discharge electricity with each swing into their target.

- Merchandise

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