- Guysack

Registration Number: RZ-002 (Scorpion Type)
Name: Guysack
Japanese: ガイサック
Rollout: ZAC 2042
Height: 4.0 m
Length: 10.0 m
Weight: 22.0 t
Speed: 120 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Anti-Zoid 30mm Beam Rifle (Tail)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)
    Laser Claw x2 (Claws)
    Smoke Discharger (Cylinder on back)

- ZOIDNAME Introduction

    The Guysack is a scorpion-type Zoid that specializes in ambushing its prey. This Zoid has been featured extensively as one of the major mass-produced Zoids of the Republican Army. Its low posture is said to aid in it avoiding enemy attacks, allowing it to get close enough for point-blank shots or melee attacks.

- Details of Design


    Almost all variations of Guysack involve some modification to the stinger. One that goes a little unmentioned is the anime variant, which converts this into a box that almost looks like it has windows or glass of some kind on it. Since this isn't addressed, we'll be lumping the anime variant into this page.

- Concept Art

- Military History

ZAC 2029 ~ ZAC 2099

    As a mass-production, small-scale Zoid it's rare for Guysack to receive individual attention. However, it's noted that this Zoid was used mostly in surprise attacks by hiding beneath the ground until it sensed an enemy. When the Stealth Viper was rolled out in ZAC 2034 the Guysack underwent modifications to remain relevant. These renovations were easier thanks to the weapon rack on the tail, which allowed equipment to be easily swapped. One such renovation was the fully-automated Sleeper type, which was used for remote combat. With options like this, the Guysack was able to stay relevant in the war up to at least ZAC 2099.

- Equipment Information

- Anti-Zoid 30mm Beam Rifle

Anti-Zoid 30mm Beam Rifle:

    Guysack's tail doubles as a stabilizer and a weapon rack, with the end often replaced entirely for variations. In the standard version, it consists of a 30mm Beam Rifle, which fires an energy shot. To the left is mounted a dish and antenna. It is not entirely clear how flexible the tail is.

- Smoke Discharger

Smoke Discharger:

    The Guysack is known for ambushing from the ground, but its also got additional stealth options. A cylinder just behind the head acts as a smoke discharger that can cloak it from visual targeting.

- Laser Fang

Laser Fang:

     Although the Guysack isn't the largest Zoid, it still has laser equipment. This allows the weapons to cut through enemy armor with relative ease.

- Laser Claw x2

Laser Claw x2:

    The claws are also compatible laser equipment. With these weapons being substantially larger than the laser fangs, they're likely a far more effective weapon for Zoid combatants. In the anime, these weapons are used without any energy charge.

- Merchandise

Model Kits

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- Featured In Media

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- Color Variations

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