- Command Wolf MK-II (Concept)

Registration Number: ???
Name: Command Wolf MK-II
Japanese: コマンドウルフMK-II
Rollout: ???
Height: ???
Length: ???
Weight: ???
Speed: ???
* Stat Information: Based on Smack Zoids
Weapons: Equipment:
Weapon names are not official
    * Approximated from Command Wolf

    Electron Bite Fang
    Unnamed Tail Gun?
Equipment names are not official
    * Approximated from Command Wolf

    6-Barrel Smoke Discharger

- Command Wolf MK-II Introduction

    This unique version of the Command Wolf is one of many concepts brought up during Smack Zoids! B-part series. It features an entirely new look, with remodeled paws, six smoke discharger barrels, and what looks like gun barrels or pipes in the tail.

- History

    This conceptual version of the Command Wolf MK-II was created to draw out the Command Wolf's abilities, pushing them to their limit. Unfortunately, because of the weak cores of the Central Continent wolf-type Zoids, it fell short of the Lightning Saix's performance. Though several experimental types were created, this Zoid never saw mass production. Its design would later be improved upon by the Powered Wolf.

- Featured in Media

    Smack Zoids! B-Part (Dengeki Hobby Magazine, January 2002)